Make Your Own: Cheesy Jalapeño Bites!

by Peach


Do you love spicy Jalapeño peppers? They’re perfect on pizza!

Kuma and my love for Pizza is immeasurable, it’s the most delicious, cheesy, tomatoey goodness there is! We could munch on Deep Dish Chicago Style pizzas everyday, but since we started our fitness journey our beloved Pizzas have had to take a backseat to healthier options.

Here is my recipe for cheesy Jalapeño bites that are a delicious replacement for Pizza!

Pssst… they’re just 44 calories each!

You will need


~Low cal cheese slices. (Mine are 40 calories per slice, that’s only 10 calories per cracker!)

~Low cal crackers. (Mine are 34 calories each)

~Jalapeño (0 calories)

~Oregano (optional)

Time to assemble the Jalapeño bites!

Cut your cheese slice into 4 squares, and arrange one on each cracker. Add as many Jalapeño pepper slices you want. Top it off with oregano or any other yummy additions!


Pop these bad boys into the microwave till the cheese turns brown and bubbly, and you have a quick, yummy low calorie snack ready to devour! ^_~


These Jalapeño bites are perfect for Healthy Sleepovers as well! Kuma and I love making low calorie snacks and drinks! What are some of your healthy snack recipes? Do share!

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