Top 5 Dark Anime!

By Peach


It’s a common misconception that anime is meant for little children. All over the world, animation is mostly geared towards a younger audience, but for the Japanese, this isn’t always the case.

Whenever I hear, ‘Anime is just like cartoons’, my skin crawls and it takes all of my self control not to flip some tables and rage!
Anime is far from just children’s cartoons. There are multiple genres that are geared towards different people and age-groups.

For example, Kodomomuke is meant for little kids.. Shojo is geared towards teen girls and Shonen for teen boys. And then you have darker more mature genres of anime, Josei and Seinen for older girls and boys, respectively.

In this post, I’ll share with you some darker more mature anime that will hopefully change your perspective and get you hooked!

~Death Note

One of the most well known anime out there, Death Note is about a bored high school student, Light Yagami who discovers a death god’s supernatural notebook that has the ability to kill people. Whosoever’s name is penned down within the pages of the book, is doomed to die.

cyttXy0 2100153-l_deathnote
Not only does Light go on a very disturbing killing spree, he decides to create a world devoid of all evil, which he wishes to reign over as a god!

He must now try and cover his tracks from his police cop father as well as L, the genius detective who is one step closer to discovering Light’s dark secret. giphy
This was the first darker, more mature anime that I was introduced to and it’s a very good starter for any newbie.
~ Death Gods love apples~



Monster is probably the darkest anime I’ve seen so far. Set in Germany, we meet Dr. Tenma Kenzo a Japanese doctor who is well known for his surgical skills. He seemingly has it all, but is incredibly dissatisfied with the politics and discrimination around him.

monster66 0nZbULc
When he has to make the critical decision to choose between saving a young boy Johan, or the Mayor of Dusseldorf, he decides to save the young boy, only to later discover that the boy has gone missing, and a trail or mysterious murders have followed suit.

AnFL2pY N14
After losing his social standing, promotion and fiancé, years pass and Dr. Tenma is left only with his profession. But the murders keep happening and he is soon suspected of being the perpetrator. He decides to hunt for Johan to find answers, and discovers the horrors of the human race.

I won’t say much, but the revelations in the anime will make your blood turn cold and make you lose faith in humanity. Let’s just say that the scariest things out there aren’t ghosts or monsters, but human beings.

~Attack On Titan

Extremely gory and visually disturbing, Attack On Titan is about a world where human beings live in cities surrounded by colossal walls, meant to keep out Titans.

rSFLJj9 utwh5ymozp8vvv9jef1e

These Titans are gigantic beings that have broken down the walls in the past, in their attempt to devour humans for seemingly no particular reason.

8b05fd088196a557e6590b2a0efd21c8 giphy (1)
Our protagonists Eren, Mikasa and Armin have experienced the horrors these Titans have caused and join the military in order to protect the cities from their wrath.
They will soon realize though that the walls might not just be there to keep the Titans out!

attack-on-titan snk-flying
If you love a good plot twist, you’ll really like this anime. Every character will surprise you and no one is to be trusted. Just avoid eating while watching this one; you don’t want to lose your lunch!

~Elfen Lied

This is the story of Lucy, a Diclonii species evolved from humans, who has cat ear–like horns and transparent telekinetic controlled arms. These arms known as vectors can be used as weapons, and have the ability to infect human males with a virus that alters their DNA, causing their children to be born Diclonius.

6f632d796bcf113ff5c1a6828b4d10bb 8413929
Because of the violent nature of the diclonius, most of them were captured and monitored. However Lucy, the original diclonius manages to escape and ends up being found by a young man. Lucy has severe trauma and reverts into a childlike state in order to cope, the young man takes her in and cares for her, his affection growing for her altered state.

reunion tumblr_m7h705AnPi1qhha6fo1_500

Her violent state however, holds immense hatred for the human race because of their neglect and abuse, and has a vicious agenda for their demise.
This anime is extremely dark, Lucy is essentially a killing machine and the deaths are extremely gory. Lots of red guys!

Elfen-Lied-20 large (1)
But you can’t help but feel sad for her, and sorry for how she has been treated. Her actions are an expression of the pain and suffering she has gone through. Elfen Lied will leave you with a mixed bag of emotions, one of them will be ‘What the hell did I just watch?’



If you like creepy village towns with dark clouds overhead, legends of ghosts and murder, you’ll like Another.

Kouichi Sakakibara moves from Tokyo to the country side to attend school, he runs into a girl with a white eye-patch at the hospital and takes an interest in her. On his first day of school he sees her around, wearing his school’s uniform. But no one seems to talk to her, or even notice her.

tumblr_mwtssjHTmn1t30debo1_500 another008rs
Slowly Kouichi realizes that she is in fact dead, and everyone around him is hiding a dark and scary secret from him.
This anime is extremely creepy, the music and creepy build up will keep you on the edge of your seat. The imagery is very haunting and I had nightmares of creepy old dolls right after watching the first episode!

another-dolls-lg tumblr_mf6uxeY8lf1rdlcsro2_500

If you’ve seen any of these, tell us what you thought of them! And don’t forget to tell us what your favourite dark anime is!

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Dark Anime!

  1. Great list. I’ve seen Attack on Titan and am familiar with Death Note, but the rest are new to me. Have you seen Berserk or She, The Ultimate Weapon? Berserk is the darkest anime I’ve ever seen and She, The Ultimate Weapon became the most existential one that my wife and I saw.

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  2. Great post! I’ve recently started watching Another and I’m really liking it. I think you will like Corpse Party (gore alert) if you liked Another. Corpse Party is very psychological and might make the viewer a bit depressed too, honestly. Monster is probably my favorite out of this list. Love Death Note and Shingeki no Kyojin though. 🙂


  3. Ive watched Deathnote, Attack on Titan, Elfen Lied, have heard of Monster and am very interested in Another. I agree they can be pretty grim and there are still anime out there like Tokyo Ghoul and Deadman Wonderland that have also left me beyond speechless.


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