When You Doubt Yourself

by Kuma


What happens when your mind and soul harbor self-doubt? If you were asked this question, you may be in denial and feel the need to suppress any feelings of this sort. However, we all know how it goes down. Human nature compels us to doubt ourselves in situations that may vary.

~Doubting oneself refers to the lack of faith in one’s own choices and abilities.

Will I be able to get a respectable job? Am I capable of getting into a ‘good’ university? What if I’m not cut out for this? I’m definitely not cut out for this. I understand these questions, I have asked myself the same over and over again: While I applied for university, sat for competitive examinations, had a job interview or even while I was at home amongst family.

I have learnt the hard way, that dwelling on uncertainty is a sheer waste of precious time. I have wasted months of my life, idling away in front of my computer looking for cyber answers from cyber bugs, when all I had to do was GET UP AND TAKE ACTION! It’s time we realised that we won’t find answers in the three-tiered depths of our brain, but only once we decide to step out of the door.

Inspiration can be found in the narrowest of turns. Philosophy is defined as, ‘finding a black cat in a dark room’, but unlike in philosophy, this experiment becomes a revelation to someone who is searching for that hint of spark!~ In order for you to find the spark, you need to take some weighted decisions!

We as human beings are conditioned to accept criticism and mold it into self-hatred, instead of improving on their weaknesses. Peach and I often hear strangers say things that affect us more strongly than would anyone from our own families. We then discuss why and how this happens, and the conclusion we come to, is this: we doubt ourselves and our capabilities to the extent that we would take a stranger’s word on our life over a trusted source.


We were watching Inside Out the other day, and this beautiful movie taught us that you should view everything as a whole of its parts. Individually, these parts may be negative or positive, but when they act as one, they can emit a light so powerful that nothing can stand in their way.

Some things we should venture out to do!

~To never think twice about whether or not we can or cannot do something. To be practical in making important life choices. To weigh out the pros and cons instead of saying “I am not cut out for this, it’s impossible”. To give ourselves a chance to show the world that we too are capable of changing the world, our world.~

Each of us should vow to remain happy, go against all odds, not be bogged down by uncertainty, and just take a step in the right direction i.e. a direction that is right for us and not our friends, or family, or colleagues.

George Eliot wrote this beautiful epigraph to a chapter in one of her greatest novels, Middlemarch. I think this best describes what Peach and I would like to say to you in terms of believing in yourself and taking that difficult step~

I would not creep along the coast but steer.

Out in mid-sea, by guidance of the stars.


We hope that you too can make the change that your life is waiting for, and act upon your desires as and how you wish! Remember, each of us gets one chance at life, so we better make it worth our while~~

~Showers of Love! ( ˘ ³˘) 💋

13 thoughts on “When You Doubt Yourself

  1. I relate very closely to what you said about taking the words of strangers as more important than the words of your family.

    My mom can tell me I’m wonderful every day and I think “oh,she’s my mom, of course she would say that”. Why don’t I think “thanks mom, you’re wonderful too” and be happy with that? If the people you love love you, what does the rest of the world matter? Except this is all easier said than done…

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s exactly how we feel. We take the words of our loved ones for granted and are constantly vying for appreciation from those who don’t matter really. But, it’s not easy to change this, although we are aware of it.
      All we can do is at least try to be confident in our own skin. The rest will right itself. 🙂

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