An Anxious Student in a Foreign Country

by Kuma

Hallo, pals! Miss us much?

While Peach is busy being a Korean diva and working her butt off at the Korean Centre, I travelled to Singapore for my studies. (Yes, more studies, MOAR  😈)


First impression: Absolute bliss. First few days I was like a tourist, I spent my time hopping on and off the bus, and familiarising myself with the super efficient SMRT system. I ate out a lot, finally paid a visit to DAISO (oh Daiso! the land where everything is $2), bought weather-friendly clothes (MUJI and COTTON ON ❤ ), and did the usual touristy attractions. I was blown away by the convenience of living in this tiny country. Again, these were only the first few days, what was referred to as the “Honeymoon Period” in a talk at my University. When everything is glorious, attractive, and you’re basically a sport and willing to accept a new place as your own for the next year or so.

~One Week Later

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International Student: A Guide to Study Abroad


Hello fellow travel lovers!

If you’re an International Student, or you just can’t wait to start packing for your study abroad, this post is for you!

As an international student, you’ve got a lot to soak in within a limited amount of time. Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your experience studying abroad!

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A Majestic Trail into the Tiger’s Den.



I am not much of an outdoorsy person, therefore, I tend to avoid anything that has to do with the wilderness, you know insects and whatnot. However, one opportune morning my father decides that we must go and see some tigers in the jungles of Ranthambore ! I was just not feeling it, but you can’t say no if family is involved, can you? We decided to take a trip to the City of Tigers and I have to say, by the end of my stay I was fairly psyched about the idea of returning to the city some time in the future. International Plebs pay attention! This place is a major haunt for foreign nationals, as its rustic, natural beauty replete with India’s national animal is a sight to behold.


I thought it would be awesome if I could give you guys some foolproof tips to book a leisurely and restful stay.
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People’s Republic of China: An Enthralled Foreigner’s Tale

by Kuma

In the summer of a certain year, I had the good luck to visit the People’s Republic of China. I was a bit apprehensive initially because I did not know anybody who had been and not to forget, movies played a major role in influencing me, but nevertheless, it soon wore off, really soon, right when I stepped out of the airport and straight into the fashion hub of China, the beautiful and exciting city of Shanghai.

IMG_2372 IMG_3075
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Exchange Program & Home-Stay: Japan ♥

by Peach


Summer exchange in Japan was one of the best things I’ve ever done, it was the most exciting and exhilarating time of my life!

It had always been my dream to visit Japan, and I jumped at the opportunity to take part in a month long exchange program through my university. I was able to study Japanese, learn about the culture and experience living with a lovely Japanese family! ❤

Here are my tips on how to survive a home-stay in Japan!
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