TheCloset Features: The Nature’s Co. Beautywish Subscription Box!

by Peach and Kuma

Hello to our lovely readers!

We took the liberty to collaborate with The Nature’s Co, a completely vegan brand of cosmetics and skin care products, to bring to you an exclusive sneak peak into their monthly subscription box!

What we like about the Natures Co. products is that they are made with all natural plant based ingredients. Not only are these products free of chemicals and animal by-products, they were made without harming any animals! Score!
IMG_20151004_004207  IMG_20151004_004237

One month’s subscription is a mere INR 595, and this will get you 6 sample-sized products, and an adorable vanity pouch to keep all your trinkets/ make-up in! ^_^

So we divided 12 products amongst ourselves and decided to use these individually, in order to give you guys an honest account of how they fared!


Kuma ~

Bearberry-Liquorice Whitening Lotion
Made of Liquorice, and bearberry, this whitening lotion smells like you’ve entered candy heaven! The consistency is slightly creamy, a bit sticky for the summer months. I suggest you use it in Fall/Winter! As for reducing discolouration, I used it on my hands, as one is darker than the other (weird, I know) and I could see a significant change in the colour! Honestly, whitening lotions sound gimmicky for the most part, but this one, it’s good ~ Plus the little jar contains enough to last you a month! ~ That’s like: take my money, gimme now!

White Pepper Cleansing Lotion
Oh Lord, the smell. You’d think they be kiddin’ when they say ‘White Pepper’, but seriously, it’s pepper. Fascinating as it is, the smell can be a bit off-putting as you end up smelling like a salad! As a cleansing lotion, it does the job it claims to do. It removes all the dirt on your face, and cleanses out your pores, this way you don’t end up with blackheads!

Peach ~

Coffee Face Scrub
The coffee scrub was absolutely delightful! The smell woke me up instantly, like a mix of coffee and chocolate (mocha, anyone?) It left my skin feeling baby soft, and the coffee granules weren’t too harsh on the skin. The scrub actually changed colour from dark brown to white, slightly lathering! I used generous dollops, and it still lasted about 8 uses. I will definitely be purchasing it, just as soon as I trip and fall into a pile of money!


Peach ~

Mango-Mandarin Body Mist
The body mist is the most long lasting product in the bag, I’ve used it for 3 weeks and it’s still 4/5th’s full. However the scent is quite overwhelming, It stays with you, which should be a good thing, but the mandarin-mango combination isn’t the best in my opinion. Rather than feeling like you’re on a tropical island, it feels like someone peeled an orange and accidentally sprayed you with some juice!

Kuma ~

Lily of the Valley Body Lotion
Let me just say, this will in effect transfer you to a valley of flowers. As my father claimed, it smells of flora, and reminds you of the early morning breeze. I mean, it cannot possibly get any more original than that! The consistency is slightly watery but even so, it’s best to use it in Fall or Winter. It’s a delicious product, and I wouldn’t mind buying the full sized version of this beauty!

Kiwi Hand & Nail Cream
So, we had high hopes from this one. Peach had her eyes on it, so did my mother and sisters. However, the smell… It maybe slightly smells of kiwi… but mostly it smells like something gone bad! My olfactory senses might be playing a trick, but I’m not a fan. Although, if you can ignore the smell, the cream is fairly moisturising, and it leaves your hands and nails shiny and soft. However, we all know that fragrance plays a major role in any product, especially for those of us who love our multi-purpose possessions, right?!

Jasmine Body Wash
First off, Jasmine is my absolute favourite scent, you would know if you read our Sweater Weather Tag, therefore, anything that claims to be Jasmine is a hot item on my list! Don’t be fooled by the size, as a little body wash goes a long way ~ You just need a dime-sized dollop for one wash, and even after 5 washes I have ¾ths of the product remaining! That’s a bargain if I ever saw one. The fragrance will transport you to the royal palaces of Udaipur and make you feel like a Queen or a King!


Kuma ~

Peppermint Foot Soak
‘Peppermint’, it said, and I was sold! It sounds deliriously fancy to own a ‘Peppermint Foot Soak’. Since I was unsure of how to use it, my trusty Peach told me to release its crystals into warm water and soak my feet in it for some time. The crystals dissolve with the speed of light, and the minty fresh warm water, helps release stress and relax muscles!

Peach ~

White Lily Body Scrub 
I’m not such a fan of this body scrub, because unlike the Coffee scrub, it left my skin stretchy and dry. The smell wasn’t such a hit either. It wasn’t creamy and neither did it lather, the granules were a tad bit harsher than the coffee scrub as well. It is still gathering dust in my shower, not just because the container is actually pretty substantial, but because I’m not so keen on using it!


Peach ~

Watercress Hair Cleanser
Although I could only get 3 washes out of this shampoo (long hair problems), it was extremely gentle and refreshing. For a shampoo that doesn’t contain sodium laureth sulphate, it lathered like any other shampoo, and left my hair feeling soft and smelling oh-so-good! This goes on my wish list, a must have!

Rosemary Sage Thyme Rejuvenating Hair Oil 
The scent on this hair oil is amazing, it’s not overpowering, but rather a subtle fragrance that lingers in your hair after you wash it out. Unlike most other hair oils, it wasn’t an absolute pain to get it out of my hair, it easily washed out and didn’t leave that greasy shoot-there’s-still-oil-in-my-hair feeling, we have all encountered at least once in our lives! The amount you get is quite substantial as well! It should last me at least a month!

Watercress Conditioner
This is one of the best conditioners I’ve ever used! It did a great job de-tangling my hair, and didn’t leave it greasy or stringy, but soft and shiny. The scent on this will leave you heady! It lasted about 5 washes, and that’s a lot considering my unicorn-esque long hair! Again, need it in my life!

Now, it’s time for you to invest in your own The Nature’s Co. bag! They have an amazing variety of all-natural, chemical free products that are great for your skin and body! Do take a look at their website, and if it suits your taste and, most importantly, your pocket, we would highly recommend you to go forth, and get your own!

Check out Nature Co.’s Facebook and Website for more details!


(✿◠‿◠) ( ˘ ³˘)💋

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