Make Your Own: Matcha Chia Popsicles!

by Peach and Kuma


We can all agree that Ice-cream is the perfect treat to beat the heat! Our Matcha Chia Popsicles will bring an authentic Asian flavour to your palate!

Chia seeds are super rich in fibre and keep you feeling full for a long time! They also act as a thickening agent in this recipe, so you can keep the heavy cream back in the fridge!

Matcha is a great substitute for coffee, and we all know how that shit goes down!

The highlight of this recipe is that it’s super healthy! It can be made vegan and gluten free!

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Make Your Own: Mint Chocolate Blocs! ❣

by Kuma


Two words, Mint and Chocolate. Just put those two together and I’m happy to sign off my assets (my bookshelf) over to the next person.

Mint lovers, like Peach and I, would not be disappointed once I’m done with my recipe for today, i.e. Mint Chocolate Blocs!

These blocs are gooey, melty, chocolate chunks, with a powerful hit of mint to your senses! What more could you ask for!  ✿ ✿

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Make Your Own: Savoury Stuffed Korean Pancake! (Hotteok 호떡)

by Peach

Korean pancakes are absolutely delicious, and come in a lot of different varieties. Hotteok (호떡) is a fluffy pancake that’s usually filled with honey/brown sugar and chopped up nuts. A dessert snack of sorts.

But my version of this yummy Korean treat is a bit different. This is my recipe for savoury cheesy Hotteok that will blow your garlic breadsticks out of the water! And, these can be prepared vegan and gluten free!

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Make Your Own: Healthy Chocolate Pudding!

by Peach

Guys! GUYS! Do you want some healthy Chocolate pudding? I know you do! ^_~

Have you heard of Chia seeds? Besides this awefulsome 80’s commercial, I had never heard of them, but recently they’ve made their comeback as a superfood!

They are high in protein, fibre, Omega-3, and help reduce risk of heart disease. No wonder it’s known as a superfood!

Because it doesn’t have any flavour of its own, and thickens any liquid it’s soaked in, it’s perfect as an egg replacement for this yummy chocolate pudding recipe!

This recipe contains no processed sugar, flour or high cholesterol eggs, so it’s not only healthy, it’s vegan and gluten free!

And it’s just 175 calories for one whole cup!
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Make Your Own: Spicy Korean Rice Cakes! (Tteokpokki 떡볶이)

by Peach
I present to you, Korean street food Tteokbokki! 떡볶이

Us K-drama fanatics have seen it being devoured by Oppas and Unnis in all the dramas! Spicy red pepper sauce, loaded with veggies, boiled eggs and rice cakes (not the Birthday kind!)

I’ve got a secret for you guys… *whispers* It’s pretty easy to make! *whispers*

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How to: Binge Eat 🍔

by Kuma


Alright, let us for a second, forget about fitness or calorie count or pilates. I know, phew!, right?

Binge eating is my favorite hobby, reading aside. Because, honestly, all of my other hobbies are incomplete without this one glorious feat.

I have realised that there are certain triggers that lead you to binge eating:~

~Whether you’re watching TV shows where the characters are almost always gorging on either pizza or popcorn, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, here’s looking at you!  🍕 🍕

~Whether you read about food in books, watch Nigella Lawson or Rachel Allen in action, or just talk to your friends about which restaurant to visit on your next excursion.

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Make Your Own: Cheesy Jalapeño Bites!

by Peach


Do you love spicy Jalapeño peppers? They’re perfect on pizza!

Kuma and my love for Pizza is immeasurable, it’s the most delicious, cheesy, tomatoey goodness there is! We could munch on Deep Dish Chicago Style pizzas everyday, but since we started our fitness journey our beloved Pizzas have had to take a backseat to healthier options.

Here is my recipe for cheesy Jalapeño bites that are a delicious replacement for Pizza!

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Make Your Own: Yogurt & Garlic Dip!

by Kuma


For centuries now, we have been consuming dips and sauces as accompaniments to our potato chips, cheetos, Doritos, and even cheese crackers. But now, the times they are a changin’. With a move towards a healthier lifestyle, the need of the hour is to substitute your chip stack with fresh veggies, and other healthy, natural produce.

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