An Anxious Student in a Foreign Country

by Kuma

Hallo, pals! Miss us much?

While Peach is busy being a Korean diva and working her butt off at the Korean Centre, I travelled to Singapore for my studies. (Yes, more studies, MOAR  😈)


First impression: Absolute bliss. First few days I was like a tourist, I spent my time hopping on and off the bus, and familiarising myself with the super efficient SMRT system. I ate out a lot, finally paid a visit to DAISO (oh Daiso! the land where everything is $2), bought weather-friendly clothes (MUJI and COTTON ON ❤ ), and did the usual touristy attractions. I was blown away by the convenience of living in this tiny country. Again, these were only the first few days, what was referred to as the “Honeymoon Period” in a talk at my University. When everything is glorious, attractive, and you’re basically a sport and willing to accept a new place as your own for the next year or so.

~One Week Later

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TheCloset Features: The Nature’s Co. Beautywish Subscription Box!

by Peach and Kuma

Hello to our lovely readers!

We took the liberty to collaborate with The Nature’s Co, a completely vegan brand of cosmetics and skin care products, to bring to you an exclusive sneak peak into their monthly subscription box!

What we like about the Natures Co. products is that they are made with all natural plant based ingredients. Not only are these products free of chemicals and animal by-products, they were made without harming any animals! Score!
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The Plebeian Guide to Living Life- Tip #5 ☕☕

by Kuma


So, as a young girl, whenever I went out to dinner with the family, my parents always ordered soup in the following manner:

“One sweetcorn/ burnt garlic/ tomato soup, and please divide it into two.” 

For them, the reason was that the quantity had been unreal and too much for one person, but I noticed something else. The “into two” came out to be two full bowls of soup! Which was then devoured by six people, of course. ^_^

From this experience, Peach and I have vowed to never order two separate dishes/ beverages/ appetizers whenever we go out to eat! Plebs need to bank on every opportunity they can get, after all!

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Make Your Own: Personalised Budget Gifts! 🎁🎉

By Peach
Birthdays, holidays and celebrations; what makes them extra special is an adorable little gift, all wrapped up, ready to tear into! But store-bought gifts are a surefire way to make a dent in your bank account! So why not make your own?

The best thing about hand-made gifts is that they are customisable. You can cater to your gift-receiver’s sensibilities by adding a personal touch to your gifts, it is sure to win them over, and ensure that your bank account remains intact!

I bring to you, three personalised gifts that I made for my dear pal, Kuma’s birthday!
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Women, Unite!!

by Peach
I love Taylor Swift, Mine and Kuma’s sleepovers aren’t complete without a T-Swizzle dance party!

And so, when I saw Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video, I was blown away. I stared in awe at some of my favourite actresses and models portraying a strong bad ass image. Slinging their swords and guns, they prepared for battle, together.

I was so excited! Zendaya and Cara! For someone, who desperately needs more amazing super heroine type women in her life, this video was gold for me!

But then I stopped to think about it, who are they fighting? Another girl.

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How to: Binge Eat 🍔

by Kuma


Alright, let us for a second, forget about fitness or calorie count or pilates. I know, phew!, right?

Binge eating is my favorite hobby, reading aside. Because, honestly, all of my other hobbies are incomplete without this one glorious feat.

I have realised that there are certain triggers that lead you to binge eating:~

~Whether you’re watching TV shows where the characters are almost always gorging on either pizza or popcorn, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, here’s looking at you!  🍕 🍕

~Whether you read about food in books, watch Nigella Lawson or Rachel Allen in action, or just talk to your friends about which restaurant to visit on your next excursion.

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Positivity: We Can Do It!

by Peach

Why should we be positive when it’s so much easier to be negative? Why should we suppress the urge to burrow ourselves under the covers and curl up with a pot of ice-cream?

Things don’t always go our way, and people can be hurtful and unfair. Someone can try to cut off your wings because of their own insecurities and watch you hurtling down onto the ground, without so much as a blink.

Then why look for the silver linings? Why look for the sun after the rain?

Because we have to try, don’t we?

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Aspiring Linguists: A Guide to Learning Languages!

by Peach


Ola!/ Bonjour!/ こんにちは!/ 안녕하세요!/ Hello!

Are you trying to learn a new language? Are you passionate about a foreign culture?

If so, I salute you pal! Learning a new language is no easy feat, but it can also be a very knowledgeable and enjoyable experience!

Here are some tips to ease your plunge into the unknown depths of learning a new language!

Vamos!/ Commençons!/ はじめましょう!/ 시작하자!/ Let’s Start!

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When You Doubt Yourself

by Kuma


What happens when your mind and soul harbor self-doubt? If you were asked this question, you may be in denial and feel the need to suppress any feelings of this sort. However, we all know how it goes down. Human nature compels us to doubt ourselves in situations that may vary.

~Doubting oneself refers to the lack of faith in one’s own choices and abilities.

Will I be able to get a respectable job? Am I capable of getting into a ‘good’ university? What if I’m not cut out for this? I’m definitely not cut out for this. I understand these questions, I have asked myself the same over and over again: While I applied for university, sat for competitive examinations, had a job interview or even while I was at home amongst family.

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Love Your Body!

by Peach

Why do we hate ourselves? Every single day, we look in the mirror and criticise bits and pieces of our body, viciously tearing it apart. Why? Isn’t the media already doing a good enough job of that?

‘Are you going to eat another slice of cake?’ ‘Shouldn’t you exercise a bit more? You look like you’ve gained weight!’ ‘I hate him, he can eat whatever he wants and doesn’t gain any weight!’ ‘Oh my god! You’re too skinny! Please eat something!’

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