TheCloset Features: The Nature’s Co. Beautywish Subscription Box!

by Peach and Kuma

Hello to our lovely readers!

We took the liberty to collaborate with The Nature’s Co, a completely vegan brand of cosmetics and skin care products, to bring to you an exclusive sneak peak into their monthly subscription box!

What we like about the Natures Co. products is that they are made with all natural plant based ingredients. Not only are these products free of chemicals and animal by-products, they were made without harming any animals! Score!
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What is PCOS? And Why Every Girl Should Know!

by Peach

Hello ladies!

Have you ever heard about PCOS? Hardly anyone seems to talk about it, but I’m sure that if you ask the women in your life, at least one or two of them will tell you that they have it.

It is estimated that at least 1 in every 10 to 15 women has PCOS.
Suffice to say, If you’re a woman you need to know what this is!

~So, what is PCOS?
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TheCloset Features: Chriselle Lim ❤

by Kuma

Chris 6

For those of you who are unaware of the exceptional fashionista, Chriselle Lim, seriously, you’re missing out.

I discovered her style, a whole lot of years ago, thanks to my love, Peach. Ever since then, I swear by her tips and tricks and instead of feeling depressed about not being able to afford her sense of fashion, she motivates me, and inspires me to make my own name in the world, enough to not think about price tags.

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Healthy Sleepover! ♥ ♥

by Peach and Kuma


We all love sleepovers! It is a blast to spend time with your BFF, and gab about everything under the sun.

Sleepovers have always been about pigging out, but since we have decided to embark on an indefinite health streak, we have converted our sleepovers into a celebration of healthy living!

Here are some alternatives we have been following for a while, these not only give your precious bank account a rest, but ensure that your body goes through a long overdue cleanse!

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The Plebeian Guide to Living Life- Tip #3


Korea is pleb heaven! Samples and freebies are given out at almost every store, even if you don’t make a purchase!
The Korean term for this is 서비스 ( Service). It might seem strange for a store to give away so many samples and promotional products, but it really does help them increase brand loyalty! After using some of these samples, I’ve been saving up for the the full size!

cherry tint

Especially for these adorable lip tints by the Korean makeup brand Etude House!

The colour stays on your lips all day, even while eating and drinking!

If you hate reapplying, then this stuff is for you!

Look for stores in your country that give out samples and promotional freebies! You don’t wanna end up wasting money on a cool new product that turns out to be useless!

You’ve got to try before you buy, right?

International Student: A Guide to Study Abroad


Hello fellow travel lovers!

If you’re an International Student, or you just can’t wait to start packing for your study abroad, this post is for you!

As an international student, you’ve got a lot to soak in within a limited amount of time. Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your experience studying abroad!

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Long Distance Love

by Peach


Hello long distance lovers!

Let’s face it, Long distance is hard! But if you’re venturing down the narrow path, then your relationship must be one you cherish, and are willing to go the distance (literally) for!

Whether it be work or study that has separated you for a specific duration, or it be that you have yet to meet face to face, here are some tips to make your LDR smooth sailin’!

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Guide to: Working in a Korean Company

by Peach


Hello culture enthusiasts!

Chances are that you’ve stumbled upon this post because you’re working/ will be working in a Korean company, or amongst Korean people.
Or hey, maybe you’re just interested in Korean culture!

First things first, I must clarify that these tips are based on my personal experience working in a Korean company and alongside Korean people.

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Students in U.K. ~ Money Saving Tips

by Peach

Student life requires us to budget our spending and try to find the best deals possible, it becomes even more important to ensure that you’re getting the bang for your buck if you’re an international student in a foreign land.

If you’re travelling to UK to study, these tips will help you save your precious £££!

1. Boots advantage Card

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Exchange Program & Home-Stay: Japan ♥

by Peach


Summer exchange in Japan was one of the best things I’ve ever done, it was the most exciting and exhilarating time of my life!

It had always been my dream to visit Japan, and I jumped at the opportunity to take part in a month long exchange program through my university. I was able to study Japanese, learn about the culture and experience living with a lovely Japanese family! ❤

Here are my tips on how to survive a home-stay in Japan!
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