Come Snot or Tear: Top Korean Movies That Will Make You Cry!

by Kuma


There have been times in our lives, when we were distraught – bawling our eyes out, snot covering our faces, and a soaking pillow- all this not because of a distressful life event, but something a bit more important, i.e., a sad, morbid, morose, excruciatingly painful film.

I cry at the slightest display of emotion, therefore, watching sad movies is sort of dangerous for my system. But nonetheless, Peach and I can’t exist without ’em!

So, get your pajamas all ready, pillows all mussed and squeezed within an inch of their lives, because the following list of Korean movies is your ticket to the Teardom of Pain! *Dun Dun Dunnn*

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Learning Korean: A Guide to Korean Language for Beginners! 화이팅!

by Kuma (곰: bear)


Learning a new language is a big and important step in life. It reflects your willingness to accept an entirely alternative culture and its people’s traditions, rituals, and practices.

Since peach and I have a soft spot for all things Asian, we are forever going to be learning Korean and Japanese, for as long as we shall exist! ^_^

For any and all of those interested or willing to learn the fundamentals of Korean language, given that you too are a bit obsessive about K-drama and K-pop, or even otherwise, I am here to help! Just follow the guidelines below, and you’ll be golden!

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Make Your Own: Savoury Stuffed Korean Pancake! (Hotteok 호떡)

by Peach

Korean pancakes are absolutely delicious, and come in a lot of different varieties. Hotteok (호떡) is a fluffy pancake that’s usually filled with honey/brown sugar and chopped up nuts. A dessert snack of sorts.

But my version of this yummy Korean treat is a bit different. This is my recipe for savoury cheesy Hotteok that will blow your garlic breadsticks out of the water! And, these can be prepared vegan and gluten free!

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Make Your Own: Spicy Korean Rice Cakes! (Tteokpokki 떡볶이)

by Peach
I present to you, Korean street food Tteokbokki! 떡볶이

Us K-drama fanatics have seen it being devoured by Oppas and Unnis in all the dramas! Spicy red pepper sauce, loaded with veggies, boiled eggs and rice cakes (not the Birthday kind!)

I’ve got a secret for you guys… *whispers* It’s pretty easy to make! *whispers*

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Top Korean Dramas of 2014!

by Peach


My name is Peach, and I am a Kdrama-holic. Yes that’s right, I’m obsessed. I spend countless hours in the middle of the night glued to my computer screen, gawking at Oppas (오빠) and Unnies (언니) eating Ramyun (라면), while knocking back shot after shot of Soju (소주)!

Korea is a beautiful country, with a beautiful culture. If you have never delved into the world of Korean dramas, I implore you to grab some popcorn and do so now!

Here are some 2014 Korean Dramas that I loved! I must reiterate, that this is my personal list and I am not claiming these to be the best of the best! I’m sure each of you Kdrama lovers will have your own personal list! If so, please share! Kuma and I could always use some more Kdrama in our lives!

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The Plebeian Guide to Living Life- Tip #3


Korea is pleb heaven! Samples and freebies are given out at almost every store, even if you don’t make a purchase!
The Korean term for this is 서비스 ( Service). It might seem strange for a store to give away so many samples and promotional products, but it really does help them increase brand loyalty! After using some of these samples, I’ve been saving up for the the full size!

cherry tint

Especially for these adorable lip tints by the Korean makeup brand Etude House!

The colour stays on your lips all day, even while eating and drinking!

If you hate reapplying, then this stuff is for you!

Look for stores in your country that give out samples and promotional freebies! You don’t wanna end up wasting money on a cool new product that turns out to be useless!

You’ve got to try before you buy, right?

Guide to: Working in a Korean Company

by Peach


Hello culture enthusiasts!

Chances are that you’ve stumbled upon this post because you’re working/ will be working in a Korean company, or amongst Korean people.
Or hey, maybe you’re just interested in Korean culture!

First things first, I must clarify that these tips are based on my personal experience working in a Korean company and alongside Korean people.

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A King, a CEO and an Obsessive Drama Watcher

by Kuma

I understand that it is a very Narnia-esque name for a blog post, but I think Korean dramas deserve that kind of a fantastical introduction. Oh and of course, I am the obsessive drama watcher.

한국 드라마가 진짜 재미있다!

Currently, there are two dramas which are making my heart flutter and melt into oblivion. I am sure the title is a real giveaway but for those of you who still haven’t gotten a taste of these, let me assure you, they are worth every second and every MB.

~시작할까요?~Shall we begin?

1) The King of High School Manners~고교처세왕

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Let’s talk about LIPS baby!

by Kuma 

~Don’t worry, it’s not a beauty haul of any sort, you need to have the products in order to review them. ~ Kuma’s Pearls of Wisdom

The focus is primarily on those dreamy objects for your luscious lips that we desperately want but cannot afford (for now, obviously). These items are dazzling and drool-worthy, and what’s more you literally eat them everyday, and they gots no calories, yo!
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Delicious Korea! (맛있는 한국)

by Kuma

The following post involves explicit images. Please read on, at your own risk. We do not want to be reprimanded or chastised for your curiosity, you’ve been warned!


Alright then, let’s talk about food.


We can’t live without it, even if we could we wouldn’t want to. Flavors all over the world are waiting for us to be tasted, and appreciated, but obviously being the ‘Plebs’ or the commoners that we are, we can’t really see that happening anytime soon. So we make do with what we can find within the Domestic realm of our city. For now, our unaltered attention is towards Korean delicacies.
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