TheCloset Features: The Nature’s Co. Beautywish Subscription Box!

by Peach and Kuma

Hello to our lovely readers!

We took the liberty to collaborate with The Nature’s Co, a completely vegan brand of cosmetics and skin care products, to bring to you an exclusive sneak peak into their monthly subscription box!

What we like about the Natures Co. products is that they are made with all natural plant based ingredients. Not only are these products free of chemicals and animal by-products, they were made without harming any animals! Score!
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The Art of Being.

by Kuma


How necessary would you assumeΒ it is, to turn off once in a while? Away from people, places, or social media. In our age of instant gratification, it becomes a crucial, if not imperative, feat to take time out to really think about life.

Now, thinking about life, in no way refers to thinking about evolution and its many divine secrets. It instead encompasses what? you are doing at the moment and how far you’ve come, and most importantly, how far you have to go!

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Love Your Body!

by Peach

Why do we hate ourselves? Every single day, we look in the mirror and criticise bits and pieces of our body, viciously tearing it apart. Why? Isn’t the media already doing a good enough job of that?

‘Are you going to eat another slice of cake?’ ‘Shouldn’t you exercise a bit more? You look like you’ve gained weight!’ ‘I hate him, he can eat whatever he wants and doesn’t gain any weight!’ ‘Oh my god! You’re too skinny! Please eat something!’

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