We got the Lovely Blogger Award!

by Peach and Kuma


Thank you so much to Bapalaya, who nominated us for the Lovely Blogger Award!!

Here are the Rules:
~ Include the Lovely Blogger Award sticker in your post. You can make your own, or use ours!
~ Add 7 facts about yourself.
~ Nominate 10 bloggers, who you think deserve to receive this award, and inform them that they have been nominated.
~ Copy these rules into your post.

Voila! ~~~

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TheCloset Features: The Nature’s Co. Beautywish Subscription Box!

by Peach and Kuma

Hello to our lovely readers!

We took the liberty to collaborate with The Nature’s Co, a completely vegan brand of cosmetics and skin care products, to bring to you an exclusive sneak peak into their monthly subscription box!

What we like about the Natures Co. products is that they are made with all natural plant based ingredients. Not only are these products free of chemicals and animal by-products, they were made without harming any animals! Score!
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The Plebeian Guide to Living Life- Tip #4

by Peach

Do you need a storage solution to your behemoth pile of nail polishes? The answer lies in chocolates, my friend. Ferrero Rocher chocolates, to be exact!

If you’re wondering what on earth those two could have in common, have you ever laid your eyes on the boxes these delicious treats come in, before scarfing them down your face? They are adorable little plastic boxes that are just the right size to store your nail polishes in!

If only food was always the answer. ^_^

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Personalisation: A Guide to Giving Gifts ❋

by Kuma


Nobody can deny the excitement one feels, while receiving presents on their birthdays, anniversaries, or graduation, or Christmas, or… Add on top of that, a thoughtful and invested presentation, and what’s inside becomes a lot more special.

When you’re about to give your best friend, your lover, or your family any sort of object or emotion as a gift, try to think beyond the price tag. Because, what it boils down to is the sheer joy of receiving something from somebody so close to you. So, why not make it even more special?

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The Art of Being.

by Kuma


How necessary would you assume it is, to turn off once in a while? Away from people, places, or social media. In our age of instant gratification, it becomes a crucial, if not imperative, feat to take time out to really think about life.

Now, thinking about life, in no way refers to thinking about evolution and its many divine secrets. It instead encompasses what? you are doing at the moment and how far you’ve come, and most importantly, how far you have to go!

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TheCloset Features: Chriselle Lim ❤

by Kuma

Chris 6

For those of you who are unaware of the exceptional fashionista, Chriselle Lim, seriously, you’re missing out.

I discovered her style, a whole lot of years ago, thanks to my love, Peach. Ever since then, I swear by her tips and tricks and instead of feeling depressed about not being able to afford her sense of fashion, she motivates me, and inspires me to make my own name in the world, enough to not think about price tags.

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How To: Get Rid of Blackheads!

by Peach
It’s the most humid time of the year. Whenever Kuma and I step out the door, we are welcomed by warm moist air. I’m seriously contemplating giving in to the Hermione hair and sporting a broom stick the next time I head out.

But the sticky humidity contributes to a much worse epidemic than frizzy hair. I’m talking clogged pores, people! Blackheads!

Store bought facial scrubs can only remove dirt from the surface, and are usually too harsh for the skin. Plastic micro-beads in facial scrubs can cause lacerations and allergies! Stay away from that stuff!

I bring to you, a natural, safe, cheap and far more effective way to get rid of dirt and blackheads!
And I bet that the stuff you need is already in your kitchen!

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Love Your Body!

by Peach

Why do we hate ourselves? Every single day, we look in the mirror and criticise bits and pieces of our body, viciously tearing it apart. Why? Isn’t the media already doing a good enough job of that?

‘Are you going to eat another slice of cake?’ ‘Shouldn’t you exercise a bit more? You look like you’ve gained weight!’ ‘I hate him, he can eat whatever he wants and doesn’t gain any weight!’ ‘Oh my god! You’re too skinny! Please eat something!’

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Healthy Sleepover! ♥ ♥

by Peach and Kuma


We all love sleepovers! It is a blast to spend time with your BFF, and gab about everything under the sun.

Sleepovers have always been about pigging out, but since we have decided to embark on an indefinite health streak, we have converted our sleepovers into a celebration of healthy living!

Here are some alternatives we have been following for a while, these not only give your precious bank account a rest, but ensure that your body goes through a long overdue cleanse!

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Plebeian Pet Peeves: 100 follower Special!

by Kuma and Peach

Hello Plebs!

This post is in commemoration of TheClosetPlebeians hitting a “100 Followers”!! \(^_^)/ We would like to sincerely thank you for your support! We love each and every one of you!

Here is a special edition of the Plebeian life. If you can relate to any of these, then you’re at the right place!

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