The Plebeian Guide to Living Life- Tip #5 ☕☕

by Kuma


So, as a young girl, whenever I went out to dinner with the family, my parents always ordered soup in the following manner:

“One sweetcorn/ burnt garlic/ tomato soup, and please divide it into two.” 

For them, the reason was that the quantity had been unreal and too much for one person, but I noticed something else. The “into two” came out to be two full bowls of soup! Which was then devoured by six people, of course. ^_^

From this experience, Peach and I have vowed to never order two separate dishes/ beverages/ appetizers whenever we go out to eat! Plebs need to bank on every opportunity they can get, after all!

~~A few days ago, we decided to treat ourselves to a hot cup of mocha, considering the chill in the air (mostly due to air conditioning, but we’re not complaining! *coffee*) but instead of getting two we asked them to serve one in two separate cups, and lo and behold!  ☕ ☕

This would be one whole cup of mocha


Hello, 50% off Yann Martel! ❤

Whereas, what we were served was something like this!


Two for the cost of one! Dream!

Now, it is clear that when something is divided in two, the quantity is definitely far more than a perfect half, then why not put all your inhibitions on the back burner, and order yourselves a “One into Two” ensemble!

This may seem a bit extreme, but what isn’t! ★★

We got more than we asked for in terms of the magical chocolatey elixir, plus we didn’t even spend as much! For me, personally, this is the true essence of life! 😛

We get you pals! We know that our tip has secretly made you tingly with joy, and you can’t wait to go out with your BFF, and ‘Order one for two’! ❤ ❤

Hurrah! Sayonara! ( ˘ ³˘)💋

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