Make Your Own: Personalised Budget Gifts! πŸŽπŸŽ‰

By Peach
Birthdays, holidays and celebrations; what makes them extra special is an adorable little gift, all wrapped up, ready to tear into! But store-bought gifts are a surefire way to make a dent in your bank account! So why not make your own?

The best thing about hand-made gifts is that they are customisable. You can cater to your gift-receiver’s sensibilities by adding a personal touch to your gifts, it is sure to win them over, and ensure that your bank account remains intact!

I bring to you, three personalised gifts that I made for my dear pal, Kuma’s birthday!

~Melted Crayon Painting~
~You will need~
~ Wax crayons (the waxier, the faster they melt!)
~ A canvas
~ Super glue
~ A hairdryer
~ Silver sparkle glue (optional)

DSC04389 DSC04390
~ Remove the paper off of your crayons, and arrange them on your canvas board. I cut them in half, since I used a small 8×9 inch canvas.

~Glue them onto the canvas in the order of your choosing. You can even pick out shades of a single colour instead of going with all the colours like I did, get creative!
DSC04394 DSC04396
~ Wait for the glue to dry and cover your work station with tons of newspaper, things are about to get messy!

~ Prop your canvas up so that the crayon wax drips down once your start your hairdryer. Since these are wax crayons, they melt really fast, so move your hairdryer in different directions to form different patterns!
DSC04437 DSC04439
~ After your beautiful melted crayon painting dries, you can personalise it by drawing or writing a message on it. I used silver glitter glue to draw on stars and the moon, along with Kuma’s favourite quote by Audre Lorde!

Your gift-receiver will love your work of art, and it will add a fun colourful element to their room!

~Inspiration and Motivation scrolls in a Bottle~
~You will need~
~ A glass bottle (or a jar if you like)
~ Coloured paper
~ Coloured ribbon
~Β Super Glue
~ Sea shellsΒ (optional)

DSC04411Β DSC04447Β 
~ Since my bottle had a greenish tint, and a cork stopper, it reminded me of the ocean, so I decided to add sea shells to complete the look.

~ If you’re working with a Jar that has a wide mouth, you can add pebbles, sparkles, and even candies to the bottom. They won’t be disturbed when you pull out your little scrolls. But since my bottle has a small opening, it needs to be tipped over to get the scrolls out. I didn’t want sea shells falling out in the process, so I added a dab of super glue to each shell and plopped them in one by one. They won’t move, no matter how much you shake the bottle!
DSC04442Β DSC04446
~ Cut up little strips of paper and write messages on each. I decided to write inspirational quotes by women Kuma looks up to!

~ I rolled up each scroll and tied them tightly using shiny silver ribbon. It goes so well with the sea-foam green!
DSC04451 DSC04456
~ Pop those scrolls in your bottle/Jar and your gift is complete. Not only will this look adorable in your gift-receiver’s room, he/she will look forward to reading your scrolls each time they feel down, and in need of some motivation!

~Fairy Light Lamp~
DSC04413 DSC04416
~You will need~
~ A translucent coloured glass bottle
~ Fairy lights

DSC04421 DSC04423
~ Slowly thread your fairy lights into the glass bottle. Use a chopstick to push them inside if need be. Make sure you leave at least a foot of the wire outside so that there is some distance between the bottle and the plug.

wpid-img-20151002-wa0029.jpg DSC04427
~ And that’s all it takes! This one is not only super easy, it looks absolutely gorgeous! Perfect as a night light to set the mood!

Get crafty, pals! Your friends and family will cherish your hand-made presents dearly!

(βœΏβ— β€Ώβ— )

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