Make Your Own: Mint Chocolate Blocs! ❣

by Kuma


Two words, Mint and Chocolate. Just put those two together and I’m happy to sign off my assets (my bookshelf) over to the next person.

Mint lovers, like Peach and I, would not be disappointed once I’m done with my recipe for today, i.e. Mint Chocolate Blocs!

These blocs are gooey, melty, chocolate chunks, with a powerful hit of mint to your senses! What more could you ask for!  ✿ ✿



For this divine creation, you will need: (serves whoever can get to it first!)

~ 3 cups of dark chocolate/ milk chocolate chips

~ 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

~ 400g tin (or 3/4 tin, based on your sweet-o-meter!) of condensed milk

IMG_20150910_145315   IMG_20150910_145330

~ 1 tsp mint extract (the star ingredient! ^_^)

~ few drops of vanilla extract

~ 1 tbsp of softened butter

~ 1 tbsp of milk, if you please (more for consistency than as part of the recipe, you can omit this ingredient if you wish!)


Method in Detail: 


~ First and foremost, lightly butter a cake tin (any dimension but not too big), and keep it aside for later.

IMG_20150910_150109   IMG_20150910_150420

~ On low heat, add the choco-chips, butter, milk, and cocoa powder to a non-stick pan. Remember, low-heat, it burns easy.

IMG_20150910_150620   IMG_20150910_150827

~ Mix it until the choco-chips have melted and all the ingredients come together in harmony! (Here, if you feel the chocolate is getting lumpy, add a bit of milk to soften it)

IMG_20150910_150947   IMG_20150910_151052_1441879829202

~ In a bowl, add condensed milk, however much you want but definitely more than 3/4 of the tin. Put on your ‘you-can’t-touch-this’ hats, and lick the remnants of the tin! *yum, yum*

IMG_20150910_151418   IMG_20150910_151802

~ Add the chocolate to the condensed milk and mix, either with a mixer or by hand (using a spatula or an egg-beater, of course! O_o) until it is smooth.

IMG_20150910_152036   IMG_20150910_152229

~ After 2 minutes, add the two extracts, i.e. mint and vanilla, and continue mixing.

~~You will find that the mixture has turned seriously glossy and shiny. This happens because of the extract, I have no idea why, but it’s pretty, so. YAY!

~ See that your muscles develop, only after a few more minutes of mixing, as the mixture starts to become slightly harder.


~ Refrigerate the mixture for 15 minutes, beating every 5 minutes. (In simpler words, take it out of the fridge, every 5 minutes, beat it, refrigerate it, repeat it)

IMG_20150910_161012   IMG_20150910_161120

~ Finally, your chocolate is ready, transfer it to the cake tin, which had been put aside at the beginning ~ Decorate it with sprinkles, etc. ~ Refrigerate for an hour, so that the chocolate hardens and can be cut into squares or other shapes.~ ❤ ❤ *salivating*

IMG_20150910_161256   IMG_20150910_161235

When you can’t wait no more, divide the chocolate amongst your friends and family, if you so desire, and eat it! 

It will leave you feeling ecstatic, whole, and healthy. It’s mint after all. It’s refreshing!


If you have your own twists with mint and chocolate as base, please do share with us! We are always looking to expand our mint obsession, and would love for nothing more!! (^_^)

~Mint and Chocolate Forever! ( ˘ ³˘)💋

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