The Plebeian Guide to Living Life- Tip #4

by Peach

Do you need a storage solution to your behemoth pile of nail polishes? The answer lies in chocolates, my friend. Ferrero Rocher chocolates, to be exact!

If you’re wondering what on earth those two could have in common, have you ever laid your eyes on the boxes these delicious treats come in, before scarfing them down your face? They are adorable little plastic boxes that are just the right size to store your nail polishes in!

If only food was always the answer. ^_^

Ferrero-Rocher-200-gram-box DSC04305

~ Not only does one box fit 8 nail polishes, the little plastic tray that holds the chocolates, has indents in it to keep your nail polish bottles sturdy and straight!

~Here’s how I designed my boxes~

~~ First Box

~ I taped up the sides of the box, as I only wanted paint on the top.

~ I painted a coat of glitter nail paint and let it dry. I then went over it with an old sparkly purple nail paint, which was on the verge of drying. I also added some nail art fruit and sealed it in with a top coat!
DSC04323 DSC04324

~ When I removed the tape, I had very neat and clean lines, but the brown tape left some residue. I immediately reached for my nail polish remover, and although it removed the brown tape, it turned the plastic translucent!
DSC04328 DSC04330

~ I actually really liked how it turned out, and ended up giving the lid a good rub with nail polish remover. It looks like frosted glass! So wintery!
DSC04337 DSC04334

~~ Second Box 

~ I used clear tape this time, as I was going for a summery look, I didn’t want to risk using the remover again!

~ I used a bright sunny yellow, all around the box, and stuck on some nail art lemons and oranges!
DSC04342 DSC04344

~ I painted the top of the lid, this gorgeous orange colour, and added some more nail art fruits!

And there you have it pals, a cheap and easy way to store your nail polishes, and other trinkets! Get creative, and save some $$$!!
DSC04351 DSC04366

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