Make Your Own: Savoury Stuffed Korean Pancake! (Hotteok 호떡)

by Peach

Korean pancakes are absolutely delicious, and come in a lot of different varieties. Hotteok (호떡) is a fluffy pancake that’s usually filled with honey/brown sugar and chopped up nuts. A dessert snack of sorts.

But my version of this yummy Korean treat is a bit different. This is my recipe for savoury cheesy Hotteok that will blow your garlic breadsticks out of the water! And, these can be prepared vegan and gluten free!

You will need

~ These amounts will yield 8 pancakes ~
~ 2 cups flour (gluten free for all my celiac brothers and sisters!)
~ 1 cup warm water
~ 2 tea spoons dry yeast
~ 1 table spoon of oil
~ half a tea spoon of salt
~ Your choice of cheese (Pick a vegan option, if you want!)
~ oregano

Time to prepare the dough!

~ In a bowl, mix the yeast with warm water. Make sure the water is warm, not hot. We don’t want the yeast to boil!

~ Add your flour, oil, and salt, and give it a good mix. It should look like the image on the right.
DSC04243 DSC04245

~ Cover your dough with plastic wrap and leave it to rise for an hour. Marvel as it grows!
DSC04248 DSC04255

~ Now that your dough is ready, generously sprinkle flour on your work station, and your hands. This will help you divide the dough into eight equal sized portions.
q7oXk DSC04266

~ Flatten the dough, and generously layer your cheese and oregano. Fold the corners to the centre in order to form a ball, and get them ready for the pan.

~ Make sure that the side that was folded in, is facing down.
DSC04267 DSC04271

~ Heat a bit of oil in your pan. Usually, Hotteok is deep fried, but I used no more than 2 table spoons of oil, for all eight pancakes. Using a non-stick pan helps!

~ Place the dough balls in your pan. Again, make sure the side that was folded in, is at the bottom, touching the pan. Turn them over when the bottom turns a slight golden brown.
DSC04277 DSC04280

~ Flatten them to form their lovely pancake shape, and flip them when the bottom starts to brown. When cheese begins to ooze out, and your kitchen smells like a pizzeria, do a happy little dance! ^_^
DSC04284 DSC04292

~ Your cheesy Hotteok should be crunchy on the outside, with gooey cheese on the inside. These taste like garlic breadsticks, guys. It’s a miracle! \\(^0^)//

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