Personalisation: A Guide to Giving Gifts ❋

by Kuma


Nobody can deny the excitement one feels, while receiving presents on their birthdays, anniversaries, or graduation, or Christmas, or… Add on top of that, a thoughtful and invested presentation, and what’s inside becomes a lot more special.

When you’re about to give your best friend, your lover, or your family any sort of object or emotion as a gift, try to think beyond the price tag. Because, what it boils down to is the sheer joy of receiving something from somebody so close to you. So, why not make it even more special?


~Hand-written notes!


Technology may have made it easier to stay connected, but it has, in turn, aided in eliminating the personal from our communications. Therefore, a hand-written note goes a long way to bring the human element back to our lives!

Who doesn’t love a personalised, sweetly-fragrant, tear jerker of a letter? Preferably one that leaves them with tear tracts on their cheeks, and thinking of you for days on end!

Adorn your handmade paper notes, or any pretty surface you wish to write on, with little bits of everything you own. Stickers, strings, dried flower petals, and others.

If you have a punching machine at home, punch a hole in the centre of two slips of paper, and tie them with a tiny snip of twirly string for a cute little delight!

~Wrapping paper OR Gift Bags


I understand, that it’s a lot easier to chuck these presents in an over-the-top, pricey, but gorgeous looking gift bag, but it’s always better to gift-wrap the things you wish to offer to your friends or family, and then chuck ’em in those bags! ^_^

The anticipation of unwrapping a present, and in the process deciding to save that sheer, gossamer piece of paper till death, is a high like no other! (Do I sound crazy? I love it, don’t judge!) ^_~

Instead of sticking the wrapping paper together with adhesive tape, experiment with decorative rolls instead. My favourite things to use are band-aids with cute little things on ’em, because honestly, how often can you fall down, and end up with bruises and cuts?!

It’s better to always overturn your drawers and your childhood boxes, and find stuff you can work with. Buying decorative items these days is a very profligate prospect, considering…money, none of that here, eh?!

~The joy of…more


You’ve bought or created something for the receiver of your beautiful and thoughtful present. You’ve penned down your feelings and your overwhelming love for them. You’ve wrapped it in bright, and shiny paper, stuck together with brighter and shinier things, so now it’s time to put it all together!

Add to your gift bags. All the candy, the chocolates, the itsy-bitsy bits of  confetti (just cut up some coloured paper, or even better, shred some!) and if it’s Christmas, where’s Santa Claus at!? Add it all!

Your friends or family would love to look at all these items, meant wholly for them, with much adoration. A heart-warming smile would appear on their faces, and they would love you to bits!

~DIY stuff


Pinterest is our go to for anything DIY. Michelle Phan too, recently did a whole video on how to decorate your room ‘Dreamer-style’, you could make some of these things as presents! If you are not up for buying stuff, and if you’re like us, then it’s always better to make your own presents.

10369359_108759579459205_2139384507_n  11821925_1486371255013412_352446990_n

Peach and I personally love DIY gifts! Once, Peach gave me a beautiful, Christmas-themed bouquet of chocolates, that I infinitely loved. On her birthday, I gave her handmade mint chocolate that we both love, and she was ecstatic! ❤

Gifting or exchanging humanised presents with your loved ones, is the essence of humanity. It keeps you rooted, makes you feel loved, and appreciated, and what’s more, you get to experiment with everything under the stars and showcase your creativity on your terms!

Please remember, no matter what they say about shying away from presents, each person expects some gesture or token of prolific love from your end.

~Remember to really ponder over the gifts you extend to your people, because they will wish to cherish it eternally, and your effort and hard-work will be greatly appreciated!! it’s a win-win, however you see it! ^_^

~Happy Wrapping! ( ˘ ³˘)💋

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