Women, Unite!!

by Peach
I love Taylor Swift, Mine and Kuma’s sleepovers aren’t complete without a T-Swizzle dance party!

And so, when I saw Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video, I was blown away. I stared in awe at some of my favourite actresses and models portraying a strong bad ass image. Slinging their swords and guns, they prepared for battle, together.

I was so excited! Zendaya and Cara! For someone, who desperately needs more amazing super heroine type women in her life, this video was gold for me!

But then I stopped to think about it, who are they fighting? Another girl.

 Supposedly, it’s meant to represent beef between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

Is this really how things go down in the real world? If my friend betrays me, should I gather all our mutual pals, turn them against her, and isolate her forever?

None of us are new to girl-on-girl crime. We’ve been bombarded with images, videos, movies, and celeb gossip, where women are portrayed as catty, jealous, territorial and just plain mean. It’s as if we’ve all accepted that this behaviour is our second nature.

I must admit, when I was a youngin, 12 or 13, I hurt a friend. The look of devastation in her eyes will never leave my side, also because I’ve had the same look in mine.

When we have experienced a certain kind of pain, it makes no sense to pass it forward to someone else. But we do it anyway, because that is what we know to be our normal.

Instead of celebrating our fellow women’s success, we tend to downplay their hard work.
‘She’s going overseas to study’ – ‘Well, her parents are rich, so it’s easy for her’.

‘She’s been selected to represent the school in a national contest’ – ‘Well, she’s really friendly with the teachers. It’s all biased anyway.’

How about ‘Wow! She must have worked really hard! She deserves it! I’m so proud!’

We tend to view our own success as an uphill climb, something we strived for and struggled to attain. But when it comes to others, it’s bitterness and judgement .

What we need to realise is, that we have shared the same struggles, throughout history.

Mary Ann Evans, I’m sure you’re not familiar with that name, because she used the pen name ‘George Eliot’ in order to be taken seriously in the 1800’s. But times have changed, you might say. Not really.

J.K. Rowling was asked by her publisher to only use her initials in the first Harry Potter book, so that young boys wouldn’t be dissuaded from reading the novels.

I’m sure all of you are well aware about gender equality issues, and under-representation of women in politics, business, and the media.

In our homes, workplaces, and friend circles, we face these issues everyday. Whether silently or with a megaphone attached to one hand, each of us are fighting our own battles.

Don’t you think it would be a little bit easier, with a friend or two supporting us? Someone to pick us up when we fall down?

Growing up, I didn’t have many female super heroines to inspire and motivate me. Cartoons, anime and movies hardly ever had a female leading cast. Not much has changed.

If we don’t take each other seriously, the world certainly won’t.

Let’s be each others’ inspiration and motivation. Let’s pave the way for each other to climb higher.

Women unite! Unite not, to push other women or men down. Unite to pull each other up!



3 thoughts on “Women, Unite!!

  1. You guys made such a great point. And what you said about putting women down or finding an excuse for their hard-earned achievements is something we should all be conscious of.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoyed this post, thanks. I agree it is disappointing to see Taylor Swift perpetuating the idea that women have to compete with each other. Love that you are promoting girl power instead! 🙂


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