The Art of Being.

by Kuma


How necessary would you assume it is, to turn off once in a while? Away from people, places, or social media. In our age of instant gratification, it becomes a crucial, if not imperative, feat to take time out to really think about life.

Now, thinking about life, in no way refers to thinking about evolution and its many divine secrets. It instead encompasses what? you are doing at the moment and how far you’ve come, and most importantly, how far you have to go!

This is not to be confused with meditation. This is more about giving yourself the time of day, as you would to a loved one. To sit and process all you’ve achieved or wish to do without the help of Google or Facebook memoirs. Think about a good book you read that had an impact on you and how, think about that song that makes you all mushy and happy inside, or just about anything that elevates you or satisfies you.


This is your time to be, and not just exist, to (un)quote Oscar Wilde out of context. To be aware of yourself and your life and your presence in this grand old world of ours. Away from problems of race, or religion, or politics. Only yourself in the spotlight, with no one around, or if you wish, in Faroe islands, all alone witnessing a surreal vision where white mist merges with green pastures to create an iridescent, and beautiful landscape.

Dissing technology would be fruitless, because it is all but indispensable. Yet, from time to time, if one were to forget of its existence, it wouldn’t hurt. And since it’s not always feasible to take a trip down to an exotic, unexplored location, using your imagination and travelling to far off lands, and at the same time finding yourself in an effort to identify with yourself, wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Don’t run away, when you’re not even sure of what you’re running away from. Problems, troubles, dilemmas are a plenty in every life, but it is important to know that these 80-100 years on this planet is all we get. In search of a future, which may or may not be, don’t inflict undeserved pain on your mind and soul.

Try to land your feet where you are at present, this way when you prepare to take off you’ll have a much stronger and sturdier ground to push off from!

~Stop walking, stop talking, stop listening, stop looking, stop whatever you’re doing, and make a grand old gesture of getting lost in your thoughts. Because now when you try to find your way back, you’ll really have lived. ~

~Stay alive! Figuratively! ( ˘ ³˘) 💋 

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