TheCloset Features: Chriselle Lim ❤

by Kuma

Chris 6

For those of you who are unaware of the exceptional fashionista, Chriselle Lim, seriously, you’re missing out.

I discovered her style, a whole lot of years ago, thanks to my love, Peach. Ever since then, I swear by her tips and tricks and instead of feeling depressed about not being able to afford her sense of fashion, she motivates me, and inspires me to make my own name in the world, enough to not think about price tags.

Chris 5  Chris 7  Chris 8

I first spotted Chriselle in some of Michelle Phan’s videos, and then moved on to her own Youtube channel. What first started off as basic style tips for a variety of events, escalated to artsy videography featuring a high-end range of clothing and accessories styled in her own chic and sophisticated way.

Chriselle Lim, to me, is the only fashion diva on the planet, period. The only person, whose style I would recreate each day and don with pride and joy.

Her gorgeous silhouettes, her native Korean beauty, and her undying love for pastels and neutrals, draws her viewers to her videos.

As an independent woman, who started off her career slogging for bigwigs in the fashion industry, waiting on professionals like models, and other stylists, she has made a big name for herself, so much so that she is now in collaborative projects with Estee Lauder, Bvlgari, Chloe, and similar luxury retail brands.

As a young girl, watching her videos became the highlight of my week, and I would keep watching them on repeat, as all of her clothes were too pretty!

Chris 2  Chris 3  Chris 4

Her story might seem like a fairytale to newbies, but whoever has been with her from the start, knows that she has worked harder than most and got to where she is in her life right now! She is without doubt the best at what she does and honestly, she doesn’t need any more verbal accolades, her images speak for themselves!

Okay, guys enough with the stoic introduction, you know I’m slightly obsessed with her, but in a not-so-creepy manner, really…(o_O) Whoop!

If you haven’t already, you should check out some of her videos if you need a pick me up or just some tips on how to dress for work/home.

Chris 9

As professional inspiration, if any of you are looking to make it big in the fashion sector, I personally think that there is no one better to act as a role model to you than Chriselle Lim! Be it styling, merchandising, retail, buying, or working in a fashion magazine, Chriselle’s videos and website could prove really beneficial to you when you’re just starting out!

~There are a couple things I have learnt from her,

~the primary tip being layering in wintertime. My love for winters knows no bounds, therefore, anything to do with winter clothes has my full attention!

~another being to never hang my knits, because they drag and become uncharacteristically elongated, always fold ’em.

~how to dress for my height, which is 5″2 (…and a half…). ^_^

~how to clean my boots, although I have none, but I will some time in the future!! ^_~

~how to be fabulous at all times of day! ($_$)

Chris 10

So, now you know of my love for style and effortless beauty! I wish that I too can gain the confidence to dress my best, because it makes  me happy!

~Keep being glamorous! Boo! ( ˘ ³˘) 💋 

© All images from !! ^_^

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9 thoughts on “TheCloset Features: Chriselle Lim ❤

  1. I feel I would really love her content! I’m in love with her style already, just looking at her photos! And I never knew that about knits! I need to fix my closet right away lol

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