Make Your Own: Spicy Korean Rice Cakes! (Tteokpokki 떡볶이)

by Peach
I present to you, Korean street food Tteokbokki! 떡볶이

Us K-drama fanatics have seen it being devoured by Oppas and Unnis in all the dramas! Spicy red pepper sauce, loaded with veggies, boiled eggs and rice cakes (not the Birthday kind!)

I’ve got a secret for you guys… *whispers* It’s pretty easy to make! *whispers*

You will need
DSC03957 DSC03959
~ Korean Red Pepper Paste (Available at your local Asian Market)
~ Frozen Rice Cakes (Available at your local Asian Market)
~ Garlic
~ Onions (Spring onions will also do)
~ Cabbage, Carrots (any vegetables you fancy)
~ Hard boiled Egg(s)

Let’s Begin!

~ Prepare your work station by chopping up your veggies. Drizzle some oil into a heated non stick wok and toss in your garlic.
DSC03961 DSC03962
~ When the garlic turns brown, toss in the onions. Stir for a minute or two until your onions turn translucent.

DSC03963 DSC03964
~ Add the carrots and toss them around till they are coated in oil. Add the cabbages last, so that they don’t wilt too quickly.
Keep moving them around to avoid burning, and when the cabbages start to wilt, add water till all the vegetables are submerged.

DSC03965 DSC03966
Now to add in the yummy red pepper paste! The amount you use, depends on your taste. If you like your spice with a bit of sweetness, then add in some honey to mellow the chilli!

~ Add some corn syrup or corn flour to get that thick glossy consistency that we are all too familiar with, thanks to Korean Dramas!

~Optional Step~  In a separate non-stick pan, heat a teensy bit of oil. Coat your rice cakes in red pepper paste, and fry ’em up for a minute of two. This will ensure that they really absorb the flavour and have a nice chewy texture!

DSC03969 =>DSC03970
~ Plop your rice cakes into the wok and give it a good mix. The corn syrup/flour would have thickened the mixture as you can see above! When its thick and glossy, give it a final taste test for some last minute tweaks and you’re done!

~ Serve it up in a fancy dish!
You didn’t forget about the hard boiled eggs did you? They go great with the spice! Garnish them on top, and dig in!

맛있게 드세요~ Enjoy your food!

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