How to: Binge Eat 🍔

by Kuma


Alright, let us for a second, forget about fitness or calorie count or pilates. I know, phew!, right?

Binge eating is my favorite hobby, reading aside. Because, honestly, all of my other hobbies are incomplete without this one glorious feat.

I have realised that there are certain triggers that lead you to binge eating:~

~Whether you’re watching TV shows where the characters are almost always gorging on either pizza or popcorn, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, here’s looking at you!  🍕 🍕

~Whether you read about food in books, watch Nigella Lawson or Rachel Allen in action, or just talk to your friends about which restaurant to visit on your next excursion.

Once seen or heard, it cannot be undone. Then you traverse on this difficult, dark path towards gluttony, and you’re donning blinders to avoid hindrance of any sort. No voice can reach you on your journey, or pull you back until you hit gold!

Here’s how you can satiate your urge to binge eat:

~Eat all there is to eat. Eat without a moment’s thought to the consequences. 

~You want to eat your feelings? Do it! You, seriously, will only live this once.

~Don’t make this a regular feature, but when you do, go all out, don’t hold back.

~Chocolate chip ice cream, guys and girls? Oh ya, get in there and dig out those heavenly, gooey dots of gold. 

~Chips? Salsa? Dip? Soy sticks? Hell yes! Bring it on!

~Crackers, cheese, olives, jalapenos? We can work with that! ^_~ Peach got us covered! 


If I were asked, what’s the one thing I would like to do for the rest of my life, I’d say EATING. Without a shred of uncertainty, I know that food is my anti-depressant, I will not argue with this fact!

A good book and some chocolate chip cookies, a good movie and some popcorn, a good song with the right drink, now that’s what I call life. Who needs macbooks, iPhones, or the apple watch!? 🍪 🍪 🍪

There are certain roadblocks in your life, which you find hard to overcome, but when you have an outlet like BINGE EATING, you should take full advantage, because don’t forget,  it’s a privilege to have food on your plate,as Epicurus would preach.

People say that binge eating is not a solution to your many problems, and that instead it could be a sign of depression, Lord! I beg to differ. Peach and I have our own set of issues, just like anyone else, and from what we’ve learnt, binge eating really lifts us up when we are down.

~Nothing can beat our unplanned trips to McDonald’s, getting a soft serve and over-indulging on french fries can really bring a smile to our faces and heart twinkles in our eyes. ( ❤ _ ❤ )


So EAT my friends! Eat till your heart is content! Eat till you can’t breathe no more! ’cause that’s when you know you’re satisfied! I’m rooting for you!

~You never know, we might run into each other one day at a Cupcake Eating Competition! I challenge you now, you will lose, I’m not called Kuma for nothing ya know! HA!

~Happy Gluttons all ’round! Ta!( ˘ ³˘) 💋 

© Illustrations are our own. ^-^

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