Dog Days Forever. 🐩

by Kuma


A few days ago the internet blew up with Pluto’s never-before-seen images! That poor planet-not-planet was circling the orbit in deep thought over its ongoing identity crisis back on Earth, when it finally got the crown and took on the galaxy by becoming the most popular meme on the internet, which other planet got this opportunity?!

Similarly here on our planet, there is one such Pluto who has transformed his owners’ lives into a constant roller coaster ride. He arrived 9 years ago at our doorstep, and since then we have been through major loss of property, nasty bites, upset stomachs with spontaneous gurgling outflow, papaya wars, and much more!



Having a pet is, guaranteed, the best decision of your lives, and Peach and I wholeheartedly agree with this. However, it is not a feat that should be underestimated. Trust me, I know.

This one here, our dearest Pluto, is not an ordinary Labrador Retriever. They’re supposed to be lazy, not sassy. They’re supposed to wag their tails at their owners, not eyeball them into serving you food on a platter. They’r supposed to come when they’re asked to, not lurk in the shadows Emily Rose style! ~creepy~


I could regale you with his many misadventures and we could all have a good laugh, but that’s for another time. For now I will tell you some tips and tricks on managing an unmanageable but too adorable to kick out the door (just kidding guys…heh…o.O) doggie.

For when they’re hungry…i.e. throughout the day 🐩


They want food, that’s it. All the time, they require copious amounts of victuals, and nothing’s gonna stop ’em. What we do is, feed him carrots, apples, or his favorite fruit, papaya, at regular intervals throughout the day.

He stays full and we can keep him well-nourished without having to resort to chocolates (deadly for dogs, pals), cookies, or coca-cola, i.e. things he actually wants.

This way he poops on time, he is somewhat satiated, and his ego is at rest. We are happy people. The End.

For when they’re cranky…i.e. usually middle of the night 🐩


If you hear crazy loud, mystified barking in the middle of the night, your dog could be in some sort of pain, don’t overlook it as the usual incessant need for food. I understand, it’s possible, it happens. For now, identify the symptoms or possible places of pain and such, and reach the vet immediately.

We experienced that with Pluto, he barked continuously till sunrise, keeping everyone awake, and we realised he was in immense pain, so much so that he couldn’t walk or sleep. It was a serious hip bone injury, and as it turned out, it had been going on for much longer than we thought.


He’s all better and a lot more active now, but it was a difficult time, so make sure to keep on your toes, and never give up.

For when they’re playful…rare but precious 🐩


Always make sure to play with your doggie. Play ball, play bat, play food, play whatever, but give him or her that time of your day. They deserve it and so do you.

Our doggie prefers blissful massages, sun bathing, sponge baths, and getting his hair done up, to actual physical exercise, but to each their own, eh?

For when they’r sleepy…oft times through the day 🐩


Just let them be. Seriously, they dream brilliant dreams. Let them have their dog fights where they come out victorious, let them run with the horses and the cows, and let them have at an all-you-can-eat dessert buffet without worrying about diabetes.

It’s a precious, precious time, and they look adorable with their eyes scrunched up and their paws up in the air. Take a million pictures, post them online, do whatever the hell but don’t even think about mentioning biscuits!


Some Don’ts:


~Stay clear of tomatoes, their seeds can lead to gall bladder stones.

~Mind the protein, too much is never good.

~Pedigree should be given in limited quantities, it leads to major weight gain especially if your dog is not into play time.

Take care of your gorgeous kiddies guys. You’re all they have in this world, they need you as much as you need them. They may annoy you, bu they love you immensely, and trust that you would do anything for them.

Dogs are expressive creatures, and they easily enough tell you what they want. Their eyes, look for the answer in their eyes.


~Woof Woof! ( ˘ ³˘) 💋

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