Positivity: We Can Do It!

by Peach

Why should we be positive when it’s so much easier to be negative? Why should we suppress the urge to burrow ourselves under the covers and curl up with a pot of ice-cream?

Things don’t always go our way, and people can be hurtful and unfair. Someone can try to cut off your wings because of their own insecurities and watch you hurtling down onto the ground, without so much as a blink.

Then why look for the silver linings? Why look for the sun after the rain?

Because we have to try, don’t we?

Isn’t that what it is to be human? From the moment we are born, we fight to live, fight to eat, and fight to survive at tough environments in schools, universities, and workplaces.
We struggle to make a better life for ourselves and our families, to find and follow our passions, and to make something of ourselves.

The world will try to defeat you and it’s easy to become defeated. It’s easy to cry in a corner and not move an inch, but it’s so much harder to fight.

~ Being one with our Environment
xtumblr_m3s5meBddM1qfep67o1_250 tumblr_m3s5meBddM1qfep67o4_250

What we put out there in the universe, is what we get back. Kuma and I have experienced this countless times.

We are in a bad whiney mood, and a cloud of negativity forms around us. How we are perceived by our environment a.k.a. people around us, will be unapproachable.
That cool person who we could have been friends with, avoids us at all costs. Our boss wants to give us an exciting new project to work on, and they take one look at our sorry faces, turn to Joe Positive-Pants and give it to him.

We are happy as a clam, skipping down the street and an old lady smiles at us. We head to the coffee shop and greet the cashier, asking about his day and he decides to give us a free coffee. We look interested and excited in class, participating in discussions and projects and our professor offers to take us under her wing as an apprentice.

The environment responds to us. It’s that simple.

But how can we be happier? How can we exude a confident demeanour even through tough times?

~ Confidence 

There’s nothing I can’t do. I’m amazing and I am capable of anything and everything.

How often do we say that to ourselves? It’s entirely true, and yet I’m sure as you were reading it, you were thinking, ‘Not everything. I mean, I’m good at A but I’m bad at B. There are people out there that are better than I am.’

How? How are they better? Are they more qualified? You can get a qualification too! Do they have better computer skills than you? You can learn!

They started from scratch too. They didn’t fall from the sky with qualifications and knowledge. If they can do it, so can you.

The only thing they have that you lack, is confidence. Have faith in yourself and give it your all!

~ Determination and Perseverance
  michelle Michelle-Phan-makeup-2

Michelle Phan started making youtube videos using a low quality webcam, sitting on her bathroom floor. Her family was facing crippling financial difficulties and she would work multiple jobs to support her mom. Look at her now. She has her own make up line and she flies from New York to L.A. regularly to manage her ever-growing empire. She has completely turned her life around.

Sure, she’s talented and passionate about what she does. But these aren’t the sole reasons for her success, she was determined to succeed and persistent with her work. She gave it her all and didn’t give up when success seemed like a far fetched idea.

All of us have what it takes to be leaders, entrepreneurs, website designers, beauty gurus, Doctorates and more. What holds us back is our own fear of failure.

Do not give up. Do not hold back. Show them who’s boss. Conquer the world.

I believe in you.


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