Love/Hate Tag

by Peach and Kuma


Hey fellow Plebs!

We have been nominated by bapalaya to do the Love/Hate Tag! Make sure to check out her adorable blog, her beauty posts might just give you some excellent tips! ^_~

We hope that you get to know a little bit more about us (Peach and Kuma). We have a mutual love/hate for the following things, just another reason why we are BFFs!

~ Rules  
Share 10 things you Love and 10 things you Hate. Tag up to 10 bloggers!

~ Things we Love ~ 

We love the feeling we get upon entering an airport. There’s something in the air that makes you feel like adventure is right around the corner. Our first international trip together was to South Korea and then began an eternal love affair with airports!

What’s life without melted cheese? Cheese can elevate your favourite binge food to a whole new level of ecstasy. If not for the billions of calories it contains, we’d be gorging on cheese from sunrise to sunset!

🍕Free Samples and Discounts
The essence of our Pleb-dom is derived from free goodies. There is instance of achievement in getting our hands on freebies! Our love for South Korea quadrupled when they showered us with a plethora of samples and such!

🍕Korean and Japanese Dramas
The beautiful faces of Matsumoto Jun, Lee Min Ho and Seo In Guk compel us to mention our ever-blooming love for Japanese and Korean Dramas! Plots ranging from Romantic-Comedies to Sci-Fi Murder mysteries have us hooked for good. Our unrivalled favourites are Coffee Prince and Hana-Kimi

We both have a weakness for cute furry creatures. Our love for pups goes way back to our youngin days, as we’ve both had childhood companions. Jinni, Timmy and Pluto will forever be our one true loves! Woof~ Woof~

P.S. It’s a constant struggle to restrict ourselves from cuddling other peoples pups!

Kuma loves Coffee because of the delicious taste and aroma, and I love Coffee for all that and the instant high! (/◕ヮ◕)/ A cup of Coffee with a side of Sponge cake is the perfect way to end our day at the mall! Kuma is a Cappuccino kinda gal, and I’m all about the chocolate Mocha!

🍕Everything Mint Chocolate
After-Eight Thin Mints are everything to us! We can inhale an entire box in about 5 seconds flat! We break out the Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream whenever we feel anything between happiness and sadness, so that’s pretty much all the time!

🍕Impromptu Dance Parties at our Sleepovers
When our Healthy sleepovers turn into a binge fest, we channel our inner Taylor Swift and Miss-A! Although our dance moves could injure many, we tend to not give a flying burrito when we are on our own!

🍕Scary Movies
None of our sleepovers are complete without a good old horror film. Whether it’s old -chool 80’s movies like The Poltergeist, that have us rolling around laughing like hyenas, or it’s disturbingly creepy movies like The Conjuring, that have us screaming off the bed, we love them all!

🍕Pretty Stationery
Only one thing can cheer us up when we have stacks of books to go through before exams, and that is Stationery. Stationery shaped like candy, pandas, dolphins or adorned with glitter and polkadots gets us in the study mood like nothing else!

~ Things we Hate ~

💉Small Portions at Pricey Restaurants
It’s not everyday that we go to Pricey restaurants to treat ourselves, but nothing ticks us off more than being served bite sites portions for our mammoth sized stomachs. If we shell out the cash, we expect the goods! Restaurants take note!

💉Bad Hygiene
If you’re stuck in public transportation amidst a hundred people, the worst thing that can happen to you is an attack on your olfactory senses. People who think that deodorant is a good enough substitute for a shower, need a reality check. It could be the cause of our untimely deaths!

💉Dead Internet Connection
Right when we’re watching our favourite drama, and the deliciously handsome Oppa decides to take off his shirt and use it as a bandage for the tiny paper-cut that his leading lady has suffered, the buffering wheel of death takes over and deprives us of further eye-candy!

Nothing bothers us more than people who have no concept of time. If you schedule a meeting, the least you could do is not keep us waiting for 45 mins in the lobby, twiddling our thumbs, and holding ourselves back from taking a nap on the couch. We instead could have been spending our precious time lazing in our pyjamas and licking Nutella off of a spoon!

We spend an hour getting ready, shiny hair and freshly ironed clothes. One step out the door, and we are drenched in sweat and suddenly sporting Hagrid-esque hair. We could be in the prettiest place, with the yummiest food, but sweat pouring out of our ears is not a good time!

It’s disgusting. End of discussion. (No offence to all you cinnamon chai lovers)

Crumbs anywhere besides in our tummies, flares up our OCD tendencies. We much prefer to use a plate, a tissue, our hands or simply eat over the sink, than sprinkle our surroundings with crumbs. We think it’s best to avoid crumbs, as it leads to bugs and then…

Creepy crawly icky flying invaders of privacy are the bane of our existence. Dear Mosquito and family, please relocate out of our bedrooms and into a pit of fire. Peach is chronically afraid of Spiders and I loathe Centipedes. We hope they disappear off the face of the planet! P.S. Please don’t kill us, Spider and Centipede overlords!

💉Borrowers who forget
As plebeians our stash of goodies is limited as it is, we would appreciate if we were returned all our books, money, clothes and cosmetics. I’m looking at you, girl from the fifth grade who never returned my Princess Diaries Book!

💉Sales People with Stalker Tendencies
We would like to spend our time perusing through the Makeup shelves without feeling like petty thieves, but the sales people have other plans for us. They follow us around and chime in our conversations in hopes of making a sale. We assure you buddy, you ain’t getting any commission from us anyway!

~ We now nominate the following bloggers

J.T. Carlton
Shivanshi Tyagi

Do visit their blog if you are interested in all things ranging from beauty to LDR to Culture and to poetry!

(✿◠‿◠) ( ˘ ³˘) 💋

6 thoughts on “Love/Hate Tag

  1. Oh my gosh!!! 😂😂 This is so me! I hate pretty much everything the both of you do! The only think that I don’t like that you both like are scary movies 😱😵😨 I have really awful, vivid nightmares. Me and scary movies don’t mix. 😫🚫

    Your posts are so much fun! Haha.

    Liked by 1 person

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