Why it is hard being an ‘International Student’.

by Kuma


When you decide to study in a foreign country, i.e. a country different from the one where your mother gave birth to you, then there are certain parameters that need to be considered and weighted.

It is not just about the course, or the university. Mostly, it is about financing your education and the future prospects of procuring returns.

When the application portal of any university puts forward this question: “How do you plan to fund your studies?”, they provide you with a number of methods to choose from. Whether you opt for self-funding, parent or guardian funding, scholarships, loans, or grants is entirely situational. Here, it finally dawns on you that what you’re getting into, may be a lot more complicated than you first thought.

~But, this is not the end, unfortunately. Let us for once say, that you decide to opt for student loans to fund your education. This way you feel slightly at ease, and you can finally breathe again – but only until the repayment period begins, mind you – But, is your mind really at rest? What about the laws that are prevalent in said country of study? Will they even allow the international student body to obtain work visas? If you do get work, will they let you stay and reap the benefits you deserve, after toiling hard on your education? I don’t think so. 

I will you to think about these questions because, as international students almost 90% of us would want to secure reputable jobs immediately after our studies, and not wish to return to our home base. But, it’s not that simple. It’s not about ability anymore, instead it’s about how much you are willing to forego, for those one to four years you wish to spend differently than the rest of your existence, or for the possibility of a better future.

Why should it be this difficult to hope for a brighter tomorrow? Everyone should be afforded the same sort of opportunities. If the locals aren’t qualified to take up positions in high flying companies, then students from other countries should be given that chance. Are we to stop international students from getting jobs in our countries just because they’re better than us? How is that democratic? How is that fair? So much for Globalization.

A question we often ask ourselves, Peach and I: Is it just the government that creates all the fuss everywhere? What exactly is the basis for their decisions? I sometimes have my doubts about whether or not their decisions are taken in public interest. I think it is more inclined towards self-interest fueled by their distorted view of the world.

No one country can be termed as a prospective destination anymore, it seems. Where should we go? USA? UK? France? Australia? Where, if I may so ask? I definitely do not wish to stay in one place for the rest of my life. If there are 194 countries in the world, I want to visit or live in at least a quarter of them before I breathe my last. But will they let me?

As students wishing to study in a foreign land, Peach and I have often discussed the possibility of leaving. It’s not pretty. We end up bawling, when we should be taking some hard decisions. Getting out and experiencing living in a society free from bigotry seems like a magical prospect, read: too good to be true. ~

It’s a difficult life, for everyone. Each person has some demon he or she has to slay before they can hope to achieve peace and happiness in their lives.

~Regardless, I hope we can work together. I hope that we can come up with solutions soon to bypass these hurdles, which are strew across our rightful path donned with fairy lights. But till then, we can rally on together, help each other in times of need and desperation, be a shoulder to our comrades, and home to become a success in a foreign land with perseverance and deference to any opportunities that come our way. 

Image result for hogwarts letter

Or else, we could always just wait for our Hogwarts letter! ^_^

~Stay strong! ( ˘ ³˘) 💋

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