Music for the Soul ♥

by Kuma


There’s just something about a new song, a new band, a new tone, a new genre that gives you a high better than most (not that I’m exceptionally experienced in that department, I’m mostly high on life ^_~). Thanks to Peach, my ability to discover new music is tenfold.

Some bands affect you in a way that leaves you too stunned for words. You cannot describe that feeling, and you are, as if, winded. You want to scream, call your partner in crime, and implore them to just “PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS SONG, IT IS HEAVEN!!”.

GOT7_-_Around_The_World TheWeekndPortishead

Now, everyone likes different sort of music~ Peach has a brilliantly eclectic taste. She loves Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out BoyDrake, The Weeknd, KPop, and a million others. I, on the other hand, love the tones of indie, jazz or acoustic music. I would like to share some of my Youtube finds with you, because their art deserves the attention, and I too need to find people who have similar tastes, so we can be fanhumans together! ~It’s now time to dim the lights, make yourself a hot/cold cuppa and a guilt-free snack, lay back, and enjoy the music.

InstaSize_2015_6 _ 31783

~SEAFRETThe first music video I watched from them was ‘Oceans’, starring Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark. Since then, I have listened to most of their songs including Give Me Something, Explosions, and now their new single, ‘Atlantis’!

One band/artist on Youtube leads to 15 more, and that way I discovered SAY LOU LOUTheir song ‘Fool of Me’ feat. Chet Faker compelled me to find the entire repertoire of CHET FAKER music and fall in love all over again. Songs like ‘I’m into You’ and his sultry voice solidified his place among my favourites. Some other Bands/ artists you should look out for are MOGWAI, SOLEY,  TYCHOTHE HONEY TREES, and THE PAPER KITES.


These are just the tip of the ice berg that is an erratic collection of music from across the world. Youtube is a goldmine no less. The joy is in jumping from video to video, discovering your favorite playlists with your favorite artists, and developing your own eccentric mix!

~Some of these songs helped me through my lowest points, with their simple notes, mellowed usage of instruments, meaningful words, the absence of profanity and semi-clothed women or men, and the magnificent way in which all of it came together. Just like a good book, a good song can pull you out of your deepest darkest corner and will you to push against all that is putting you down. ~~

Jazz or old time jazz is my favorite music to listen to when I’m studying for exams. Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Chet Baker, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Bill Withers and their many contemporaries have seen me through many a stressful deadlines and exam revisions. You can’t underestimate the sound of a powerfully orchestrated saxophone, and a sonorous voice to go along with that.

c26f3a3d19631973a655e7ce1f071 Chet+Baker

Gloomy Sunday’, ‘My Funny Valentine’, ‘Autumn Leaves’, ‘I Put a Spell on You’, ‘La Vie en Rose’ are only a few songs that transport you to the pages of a twentieth century novel; a time when Hemingway was in Paris, when Auden crafted Funeral Blues, or when Scott Fitzgerald wrote of the undying love of Gatsby.

People feel all music based on their own experiences and aspirations. Whether you’re waiting for love to happen, or moving away to another land, music accompanies you, leaving its trace every step of the way. After a point of time, you listen to a certain song and nostalgia hits you out of nowhere! ~ I hope you find these in good faith, and fall in love just like I did! Peach and I would welcome any band or artists suggestions you are willing to share, as we all know that there can be no possible end to beautiful music!~~


Check out this app, ‘Band of the Day’, for the best in undiscovered music!

~Enjoy! ( ˘ ³˘) 💋

8 thoughts on “Music for the Soul ♥

  1. Hey Peach and Kuma. Thanks for the comment over on my site. thought I’d send a long a couple early New Orleans jazz artists you might not have heard of.

    Here’s Danny Barker doing “Tootie Ma is a Big Fine Thing”:

    This is Sidney Bechet doing “Blame It On the Blues”:

    And here’s Jelly Roll Morton doing “Buddy Bolden’s Blues.”:

    Best wishes to you both.

    –Nick Fox

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