Healthy Sleepover! ♥ ♥

by Peach and Kuma


We all love sleepovers! It is a blast to spend time with your BFF, and gab about everything under the sun.

Sleepovers have always been about pigging out, but since we have decided to embark on an indefinite health streak, we have converted our sleepovers into a celebration of healthy living!

Here are some alternatives we have been following for a while, these not only give your precious bank account a rest, but ensure that your body goes through a long overdue cleanse!


~ Our usual sleepover menu comprised of McDonalds, an array of delicious chips and nachos, fizzy drinks and ice-cream, and although we still miss this luxurious spread, it was imperative for our journey into fitness, that we slowly back away from the chips and embrace the veggie sticks!

We switched up our main meal from super cheesy burgers to Lebanese goodness! This Pita bread and Hummus combo is definitely going be under your calorie budget, but will quench your cravings!

wpid-2015-04-26-13-54-48_photo.jpg IMG_2909

For our movie time snack, we whipped up this Garlic Yoghurt Dip and chowed down on carrots and cucumber sticks. Now it has become a stable for our sleepovers, we love that we don’t have to limit the amount we eat, because veggies and yoghurt are guilt free!

~We dropped the fizz, and made our own refreshing Matcha Bubble Tea Lattes! And now, whenever we have a craving for bubble tea, we don’t have to venture out to expensive cafes; we can blend up a plethora of different flavours right at home!

9 IMG_2770

No sleepover is complete without dessert, and so we bring to you, our very own Dark Chocolate Drizzles! These Dark chocolate cookies are sin free, yet sinfully delicious!

~ It’s always fun to try out new beauty products with your friends, but if you could whip up your own concoctions with food lying around in the house, it’s even better! We have noticed a significant change in our skin, after going au naturel~

A few of our favourite at home beauty treatments include this Orange Peel and Green Tea Face Mask!

IMG_2729 IMG_2775

~ Experimenting with makeup and new looks is a great way to relax and pamper yourself. Creating your own Nail Art Designs is one way to let your creative juices flow! We end up spending hours chatting away, while doing each other’s nails!

IMG_2830 wpid-img_20150604_202741.jpg

~ Since we are obsessed with Asian dramas and movies, we end up re-watching our favourite Korean and Japanese classics: Coffee Prince, Hana Kimi, Boys Over Flowers and Gokusen!


This is a great way for us to re-acquaint ourselves with Asian culture and most of all, its the Asian beauties that keep us coming back for more! ^_~

~ We love to end our night with a power packed dance session, complete with the works of Taylor Swift AKA T-Swizzle, 2NE1, Big Bang and The Weeknd. It’s exhilarating to let out the dance goddess/god in you! And not to worry, your BFF won’t reveal your sick dance moves to the world!


~ If you are night-owls like us, why not skip sleeping altogether and indulge in a revitalising early morning yoga routine? Stretch out all those sore muscles and bask in the early morning dew.

~End your glorious sleepover with a good sound sleep. Wake up late in the day and refresh yourself with some Detox water! It’s a wonderful way to flush out all the toxins. Plus it tastes great and looks fancy ^_~


~Here you go plebs! This is our take on a healthy sleepover, we hope that these tips can come in handy on your next sleepover! Do share your own tips and tricks with us !

(✿◠‿◠) ( ˘ ³˘) 💋

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