Top Korean Dramas of 2014!

by Peach


My name is Peach, and I am a Kdrama-holic. Yes that’s right, I’m obsessed. I spend countless hours in the middle of the night glued to my computer screen, gawking at Oppas (오빠) and Unnies (언니) eating Ramyun (라면), while knocking back shot after shot of Soju (소주)!

Korea is a beautiful country, with a beautiful culture. If you have never delved into the world of Korean dramas, I implore you to grab some popcorn and do so now!

Here are some 2014 Korean Dramas that I loved! I must reiterate, that this is my personal list and I am not claiming these to be the best of the best! I’m sure each of you Kdrama lovers will have your own personal list! If so, please share! Kuma and I could always use some more Kdrama in our lives!



From the makers of ‘I Hear Your Voice’, this drama focusses more on mystery and political power play rather than romance.

Along with Lee Jong Suk as the lead, you’ll notice a couple of the same actors in this drama as well, and they’ve done a great job at playing completely different roles.

Our lead, Choi Dal Po has a pretty messed up past which has caused him to have a burning hatred for journalism , but certain events force him to become a journalist in order to set right the wrong that has been done to his family… perfect scenario for a Kdrama!

Pinocchio-0022 Pinocchio-Korean-Drama_21

That hair transformation though! ( _ )

His BFF/love interest Choi In Ha, played by Park Shin Hye has a peculiar Pinocchio syndrome that gives her a fit of hiccups each time she tries to lie. Her dream to become a journalist is not an easy one, as lying is considered to be a given in our current world of corrupt journalism!

ep506 pinocchio03-00430a

Her struggles with getting a job, are very relatable to the audience, and her blatant honesty is just one of the things that makes this drama very fast paced. You will be kept on your toes, and never feel like things are dragging on!


Quite possibly the most evil character in any kdrama yet. Shivers and goosebumps!

Despite this drama having dark undertones, it’s very entertaining and funny at just the right places. This is a must watch!

~My Love From Another Star


This drama features the extremely beautiful and hilariously talented Jun Ji Hyun, if you’ve seen My Sassy Girl, then you know for a fact that her acting skills are top notch!

She plays gorgeous actress Chun Song Yi, who has a bit of a narcissism complex. Unlike the usual Kdrama female lead, she is as feisty as can be and oozes confidence! If she wants something, she will go after it with full force!

 kdrama4 star4-00162a

Her leading man, the always handsome Kim Soo Hyun, plays Do Min Joon, an alien that has been living on earth for centuries, collecting PhDs left and right, whilst being a bit of an introvert. Yes folks, he’s an alien. This is a Korean drama, anything is possible!

This drama isn’t all about romance, there is an intriguing murder mystery on the side, that perfectly balances out the storyline.

What really makes this drama, one of my all time favourites is their chemistry, and Jun Ji Hyun’s award winning acting. Look at them, they are absolutely gorgeous!


This drama will leave you balling your eyes out at the end, and wishing for your very own man from the stars!

~Let’s Eat


Do you like food? Yes? This drama is for you. Let’s Eat is all about delicious food!

Although Let’s Eat wasn’t as popular as the other two, it was certainly an entertaining watch for me!

Yoon Doo Joon from Kpop group BEAST, plays a food obsessed insurance salesman, who seeks every opportunity to sweet-talk people into buying insurance from him.

eat ep7011

Female lead Lee Soo Kyung, plays a usually dignified woman, who loses all self control at the first sight of food. Sounds a lot like Kuma and I! >_<

clyf Let's Eat
This story has yet another intriguing mystery lurking in the background, but the main concept is about strangers bonding over delicious food. It touches upon loneliness and social bonding more than anything.
 fullsizephoto383327 eat122
This show will make you fall in love with Korean food, and you will want to rush to the nearest Korean restaurant! No wonder Korea is having a Mukbang (먹방) craze at the moment!


Just one of the many food shots that you can expect to see in this show! I’m warning you now pals, do not watch on an empty stomach!

If you want to know more about Korean food then this is for you! 

Which Korean dramas have you been watching?

Kuma and I are currently watching ‘I Remember You’ with Seo In Guk and it looks extremely promising so far!

Hello_Monster-p1 Seo-In-Guk-Featured-image-800x450


10 thoughts on “Top Korean Dramas of 2014!

  1. I used to watch dramas all the time but recently haven’t gotten around to it (life getting in the way and such) but each one of the mentioned above sound like I would like them ^^
    I think it’s time to get into Drama Mode again (^o^)/

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