Make Your Own: Yogurt & Garlic Dip!

by Kuma


For centuries now, we have been consuming dips and sauces as accompaniments to our potato chips, cheetos, Doritos, and even cheese crackers. But now, the times they are a changin’. With a move towards a healthier lifestyle, the need of the hour is to substitute your chip stack with fresh veggies, and other healthy, natural produce.

~With that in mind, I present to you my very own (read: my mother’s) homemade yogurt & garlic dip, which is the easiest mix to make, and as delicious as can be.


wpid-2015-06-21-18-26-36_deco.jpg IMG_2890

The BASIC: 1 cup of plain Yogurt, 3-4 cloves (or more) of garlic, and other things. Now, this dip is extremely versatile so you can pick and choose whichever ingredients you want, as per your preferences. For example~ I love it with tomato, shredded carrots, and finely chopped capsicum. Whereas, Peach prefers only capsicum, as she detests the taste of raw squishy tomatoes.

IMG_2882 IMG_2886

What you need to DO: Beat the curd until smooth, and free of any lumps ~ Chop the garlic cloves finely and throw them in ~ Stir ’em around to even out the taste ~ Add spices, salt (to taste), black pepper, oregano, chili powder or flakes, basil, thyme ~ Basically just put it all in, it works trust me! ~ Finally, add the chopped, shredded, or diced veggies into the bowl, and mix it until they are spread out ~ Do a taste test, it should have a hit of garlic, and all things nice ~ Transfer the dip into a pretty bowl, for visual pleasure ~

How you should EAT: Throw away the chips, please! Take out those carrots, cucumber, celery if you have any, or whichever veggie you wish to dip and eat, pretty much. Cut them up, julienne style, or into longer, thicker strips. Arrange them around the pretty garlic dip bowl: pick, dip, and savour!


Sprinkle with some chili for extra spice. ^_^

Keep in MIND: For a thick, creamy consistency, make sure the yogurt has no excess water in it.

Peach and I, have taken a stand against all things grease, and successfully attuned our bodies to the beat of carrots and cucumbers, especially when it comes to this particular dip! It is healthy, obviously, delicious, and as simple as simple comes. I hope you enjoy and relish it as much as we do, it is a staple for all our sleepovers. We cannot do without it!

~So, that’s all folks! What you have is a delectable garlic dip, that I will pass on to my kids (way in the future), and you should too! (^_~)

~Do create your own dip magic, and don’t forget to share! ^_^

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Happy cooking! ( ˘ ³˘) 💋

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