Nail Art on a Budget! ♥

by Peach


I love Nail art. It makes me feel really happy. I turn some music on (preferably Kpop!), and spend about 20 minutes on my nails. It’s my time to relax and unwind for a while. While I write or type, i’ll look down at my hands and marvel at how pretty they look. And honestly? I feel more productive. I actually get more work done because I feel so positive and calm!

Getting nails done at the nail salon is insanely expensive, and us plebs are all about Do It Yourself! So I’m gonna tell you how I created these looks, with only nail paint and stuff lying around the house!

1. Polka Polka! 


Let’s start with the easiest look. All you need is a bobby pin or toothpick! Anything thin with a flat or rounded bottom, will do!

Paint your nails with whatever colour you want, and choose a contrasting colour (s) for the polka dots. Drop a teensy bit of the nail paint onto a piece of paper.

Dab the flat/rounded end of the bobby pin/toothpick into the drop of paint, and carefully make dots on your nails. It’s that simple pals!

2. Ombre!


You will need a sponge for this one. Sponge is often used to line packages that are delivered in the mail. I saved some and cut out small rectangular shapes. Voilà! You have nail art tools!

I used three colours: mint, dark pink and a peachy pink. Simply paint the sponge in three strokes, using each colour. Make sure to overlap for that ombre effect! Now dab onto your nail till you get the desired affect!

Some nail paint will get on your skin, use a q-tip dipped in remover to carefully remove the paint. That’s it! Your ombre nails are summer-ready!

This method can also be used to make your very own custom nail colours! Head over here, to learn how!

3. Nautical Stripes! 


Have you heard of nail art tape? It’s a very thin role of tape that can be handy if you want to make a design like this one.

However, if you want to save some money, you can take regular old tape and cut it into thin long strips. You will need 4 strips on each nail, so 20 strips per hand.

Paint your nails red and wait for them to completely dry. Now line each nail with 4 tape strips and carefully paint the spaces between the strips, blue.

Once the blue paint dries, Use a tweezer to peel off the tape strips. There you go, pals! Your nautical nails are ready!

4. Brazil! Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na!


This one requires a bit more patience! Brazil is my favourite football team! And I rocked the Brazilian Flag on my nails to support them during the World Cup! (Let’s ignore the fact that they were brutally beaten!)

Hearts: Let’s start with the thumb nail. I painted it green and waited for it to dry. I dipped the rounded end of a bobby pin into yellow nail paint. Starting from the left, I made a dot onto the nail, and pulled it downwards and to the right. Similarly, I made a dot on the right and pulled it downwards and to the left, joining them together. This is the simplest way to make a heart! I added another heart right beneath the first.

I repeated the same steps for the index finger, with opposite colours.

Flag: For the middle finger, I used tape. I painted the nail green and after it completely dried, I used 4 pieces of tape over the sides to form a rectangular shape in the middle. I painted this middle section yellow, and removed the tape from the sides after it dried.

Using a bobby pin, I made a blue heart in the centre just as before. For the line in the centre of the heart, I cut up a thin piece of tape, and simply stuck it on!

For the ring finger, instead of using 4 pieces of tape, I used 2 to form an angled green french tip, and repeated all the steps as above.

The little pinky finger was the easiest, and I simply painted it blue for the centre of the flag!

P.S. Make sure to use a base and top coat to preserve your nail art for as long as possible!  

Next time you want fancy looking nails, forget about splurging at the nail salon! Do it yourself, pal!


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