Decoding Fashion Magazines: An Intern’s POV

by Kuma


There are a number of reasons why girls and boys dream of working at a fashion or lifestyle magazine. Whether it is for the freebies (who doesn’t love ’em, I’m sure Anna Wintour does too…^_~) or for celebrity meetings, events, press releases, the glam and gloss, or feeling the exhilaration of seeing your name in print! For me, the most important thing when I finally got the opportunity to intern at a lifestyle/fashion magazine, was to learn the basics of successfully running a medium that had thousands of copies in circulation each month.

~Waiting outside the doors, cautious about entering, sweating like bacon under the hot sun, I worried about fitting in, because there was nothing glam about my wardrobe! But, it was too late to turn back. So, I entered, and got ready to face my senior for the next two months. She emerged, wearing a striped t-shirt and jeans, with a wrap around her shoulders. I did a double take when I saw how laid-back and chill she looked. Instantly, I knew I was in for a good time!

~~~ At the Magazine : ❤


~Lifestyle  is a wide category that covers fashion, beauty, travel, etc. I chose the beauty department based entirely on instinct, and how lucky I was! As an intern at such a place, everything they show in the movies is absolutely on point. You do what you’re asked – copying, getting the mail, running errands – or you’re reprimanded, because honestly, there ARE a hundred, thousand others who’d take your place in a heartbeat! So, you consider yourself lucky and go with the flow.

~Beauty was an excellent choice for me, because seeing the fashion interns slogging their asses off trying to iron the crease out from a designer’s piece was not the most appealing. I think, mostly, it has to do with your bosses. My boss, was this really sweet, kind person who gave me loads of free make-up (Pleb high!), whereas, fashion was slightly different. I don’t know if it was how they were, or the requirements of their jobs, but they seemed unapproachable, to say the least.


~~ Once I was asked to carry a 20 Kg parcel, containing a heavily-embellished designer gown, up three floors.. Just getting it across the porch was challenging enough, but since I had practice carrying my dog (then 50 Kgs) when he was sick, I did the best I could.~

~Attitude is key when you work at a big magazine. Leave it inside the elevator before you step out, or you will be shunned. They’re all  sweethearts, if you do what you’re assigned and don’t talk back unnecessarily, unless they’re being exceptionally unreasonable.

~~ Another time, I was asked to visit the dry-cleaners, very nicely too, as none of the fashion interns were available. I did it happily enough, and as thanks I didn’t have to lug all my bags home on the train, free cabs FTW! ~ \(>_<)/

~Work is always fun at a magazine. Work wear is even more fun. You wear what you want and if you’re a pleb like me, you make do with what you can – Forever 21 becomes your most revered shopstop – The hours are flexible, especially if you have accommodating seniors. You even get to interview the biggest names in the industry.

~~The best part, which trumps the ‘unpaid’ in your contract, was that I got to see my name in print not once, not twice, but thrice! In two months, being able to sign off on an entire spread was a moment of pride. Bylines are a great way to fluff up your Resume, because running errands is one thing, but if you have something to show for it, it is even better!

You get to meet the weirdest people, sporting even weirder ideas. You make excellent friends with fellow interns, who suffer alongside you. Freebies come in hordes, and if you work diligently your boss loves you, which directly translates into bright future prospects!


Everyone who has ever thought of publishing, media, or writing as a career, should and must do an internship with a fashion magazine.

During my time, I spotted so many celebrities, fangirling like a madwoman in all my glory! And of course, networking with bigwigs in print media is an experience that requires its own book, more on that later!

If you guys need any tips for when you intern at a magazine, do let us know in the comments! ~~

~Toodle-loo loves! ( ˘ ³˘) 💋

13 thoughts on “Decoding Fashion Magazines: An Intern’s POV

    • Haha! It was a lot of fun and PR cupcakes, but there were a lot of things *cough* that didn’t sit too well with me. Call me lazy or strange in the head. 😛
      It was good while it lasted! It’s worth a try, do give it a shot when you can! ~Kuma \(>_<)/

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  1. This is so amazing! I was at a news journalism insight day with Sky last week but print is really where my heart is- how did you get your internship? Did you apply specifically or did you just email them until they offered you a job so you’d stop pestering them (I always chuckle at those stories but apparently it is an effective way to a get the experience!)? Also, how many hot drinks did you have to make? I’m super curious/quite jealous right now…!

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    • Hullo! Firstly, thanks haha! :-P, I made absolutely NO hot drinks! Thanks to my lovely senior!
      And, I did pester them numerous times with emails about how I was just short of washing their clothes to get an intenrship, BUT when that obviously reaped no result, they finally contacted me once I asked someone who was ‘in the know’ to refer me. (Sad truth) Print is the best for sure. In my office they had regular news being shot, wasn’t exciting to me at all!! I fervently hope you get your dream internship! Do tell me about it!
      ~Kuma ^_^

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