People’s Republic of China: An Enthralled Foreigner’s Tale

by Kuma

In the summer of a certain year, I had the good luck to visit the People’s Republic of China. I was a bit apprehensive initially because I did not know anybody who had been and not to forget, movies played a major role in influencing me, but nevertheless, it soon wore off, really soon, right when I stepped out of the airport and straight into the fashion hub of China, the beautiful and exciting city of Shanghai.

IMG_2372 IMG_3075

This city is unlike any other in the country, it’s streets are busier and people trendier. If you want to shop the latest styles and experience a tasteful culture, then Shanghai is highly recommended! Don’t forget to scour the street markets at night, but be aware of pick pockets. Shopping in Shanghai is fabulous, especially for those who bargain well. People might tell you that the Chinese are not a warm community, but I vehemently disagree. During my trip, I met excellent people, whether it be our group coordinators or random strangers on the street, who were willing to help us and guide us at every step. So, the best thing would be to develop your own opinion, based on personal experience alone.

Must Visit~The Oriental Pearl Tower, for the best experience of your life (preferably at night, when it lights up).


The warm welcome that was given to us by these glorious women, clearly solidifies my point.

The second city that I visited was the previous capital of China, Nanjing. This here is a historical sub-provincial city of China with surprisingly open spaces, which in other parts of the country are occupied by tall, concrete but amazingly gorgeous structures. Nanjing has many beautiful and serene parks, made especially with a focus on enhancing the lifestyle of its residents. There I spotted lots of tiny tots with bottomless pants, which I think are for convenience?


Since it was a guided tour, we didn’t really swerve away from the schedule, which was also due to lack of an interpreter, but we still managed to make the most out of our trip and the market that we visited, put all our worries to rest. Nanjing’s night market at the Fuzi Miao area (Confucian Temple) is absolutely breathtaking. Since this was our first shopping experience in China, all hell broke loose. There is no end to the amount of bargaining that goes on here, I advise you to do your best. You can get great deals, what more could you possibly ask for!


The last city on our tour was the capital city of Beijing. Home base of the Great Wall of China, exhilarating buildings, and the Great Hall of the People, Beijing was more of an educational experience. Here we got the opportunity to interact with the Chinese youth and watch a spectacularly curated acrobatics show. The Great Wall presented a severe challenge, so we basically just climbed a few steps, and got down before our feet died, beautiful though.

Must Visit~The Forbidden City.


The travel aside, I must with determination point out the Chinese cuisine. Warning: Vegetarians of the world, please make your own arrangements, because even though the Chinese would be sweet enough to try and cook vegetarian food, which they did for us, it might not suit your palette. Their food is a bit strange, and since I don’t eat meat, I literally thrived on french fries for each of the three meals for a total of 10 days straight. But otherwise, for meat lovers, it is Paradise of an exotic sort.


China is a place full of wonders and many new things to observe and adopt. Their culture and lifestyle may be a lot different than the rest of the world, but essentially, it is all the same. It is just a matter of finding your space in a foreign land.

I hope you can create your own memories of a beautiful trip to this land of many new inventions and overwhelming beauty!

“Tip~The best way to experience a foreign country is to either know their language or hire an interpreter.”

( ˘ ³˘) 💋

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