Students in U.K. ~ Money Saving Tips

by Peach

Student life requires us to budget our spending and try to find the best deals possible, it becomes even more important to ensure that you’re getting the bang for your buck if you’re an international student in a foreign land.

If you’re travelling to UK to study, these tips will help you save your precious £££!

1. Boots advantage Card


Boots is a pharmacy chain, which provides a lot more than just medicines. You can get bath and body products, perfumes, make up, hair styling tools and even food items at Boots.

The best thing about their service is their advantage card, for every pound you spend, 4 points are added to your card. 1 point = 1 pence, soon you’ll have enough points on your card to be able to buy goodies without any cash!

2. Tesco Club Card


Tesco is a grocery chain and if you’ve ever set foot in U.K., you’ll notice Tesco stores littered around every corner. Tesco regularly updates deals on grocery items and you should keep an eye out for them.

Tesco’s club card works similar to the boots advantage card, for every pound you spend, 1 point is added to your account and 1 point = 1 pence. After every 3 months of collecting points, Tesco sends you vouchers to redeem your points in the store!

3. NUS Extra Card


Unlike the other cards the NUS Extra card isn’t free, it costs £12 for 12 months and provides you with various discounts from a myriad of stores and services. Food, clothes, travel, holidays, hair cuts, stationary and sight seeing are just a FEW of the goods and services you could get discounts on! An investment well worth the money!

4. Studentbeans


All you have to do is sign up to unlock access to studentbeans discounts and offers, print them off and you’ve got a good deal! Be quick though, all discounts and offers have expiry dates! Discount on pizza, anyone?

5. NHS


Shopping and yummy food aside, your health should be your #1 priority! Lucky for you, you’re registered under the National Health Service (NHS) as soon as you become a student. Free services include:

  • Emergency treatment in any Accident and Emergency department
  • Emergency treatment in any NHS Walk-in Centre providing Accident and Emergency type services.
  • Treatment for certain infectious diseases.
  • Compulsory psychiatric treatment.
  • Family planning services (sexual health).

Stay healthy fellow plebeians! Get that cold checked out!

5 thoughts on “Students in U.K. ~ Money Saving Tips

  1. Great advice! I’m starting uni in the UK next year and will be sure to take advantage of these programs.

    I would also recommend the Superdrug rewards card. It is almost identical to Boots’s program, but the two stores have different offers at different times, so you can often save money by going to whichever store has the best sales at the time (if you have both in your neighborhood.)


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