A King, a CEO and an Obsessive Drama Watcher

by Kuma

I understand that it is a very Narnia-esque name for a blog post, but I think Korean dramas deserve that kind of a fantastical introduction. Oh and of course, I am the obsessive drama watcher.

한국 드라마가 진짜 재미있다!

Currently, there are two dramas which are making my heart flutter and melt into oblivion. I am sure the title is a real giveaway but for those of you who still haven’t gotten a taste of these, let me assure you, they are worth every second and every MB.

~시작할까요?~Shall we begin?

1) The King of High School Manners~고교처세왕

Story~Lee Min Suk is an ice hockey playing high schooler (고등학생) who ends up as a Director for a major corporation, Comfo, in his hyung’s (they could pass for twins, I say double role) stead. Juggling all these secrets, falling in love with an older woman and maintaining his track record for being the best hockey player are only a few of his troubles.

I say give this drama all you have for it will keep you up at night, and after all that is how a drama is deemed fit to be added to your favorites. It lacks nothing: hot men-** comedy-** drama-** and everything in between.

~We were all besotted with Seo In-Guk’s adorableness in Reply 1997, let me tell you, the adorable has now moved to a fitter more muscular address .


P.S: 다음 is a candid shot of Director Yoo from King of High School, for those in doubt.

2) Fated To Love You~운명처럼 널 사랑해

This drama, how do I begin, one word description: Hilarious, think Protect the Boss. Story~ Gun Lee and Kim Mi Young continuously cross paths with each other which results in them getting married, I mean they are fated to be with each other. Gun Lee with his comic laughter won my favour the moment he came on screen. Mi Young i.e. Jang Na Ra from School 2013, is a meek, excessively fragile woman with low self-confidence and is repeatedly treated as a pushover. The antics and eccentricities of Gun will keep you entertained and the twists in the plot will more than make up for the, for the what? There’s nothing wrong with this drama! Challenge me if you will!{>=<}

I say hilarious, but it still has its heart wrenching moments. All in all it is an amazingly fun drama to watch, like a Cinderella story but with none of the drama. Just a beautifully scripted romance comedy sprinkled with some deep rooted emotions and brilliant acting by 우리 Gun Lee 씨.

We sincerely hope that these jewels from the Korean land are as entertaining to you as they are to us! Without a doubt, King of High School and Fated to Love You are now a part of my favourites next to Coffee Prince, City Hunter and all the classic popular K-Dramas, which is saying a lot!


( ˘ ³˘) 💋

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