Let’s talk about LIPS baby!

by Kuma 

~Don’t worry, it’s not a beauty haul of any sort, you need to have the products in order to review them. ~ Kuma’s Pearls of Wisdom

The focus is primarily on those dreamy objects for your luscious lips that we desperately want but cannot afford (for now, obviously). These items are dazzling and drool-worthy, and what’s more you literally eat them everyday, and they gots no calories, yo!

I should probably calm down, and continue with my lip wish-haves. See, the thing about lip products is that they make ’em look so exotic, which pushes you to want them even more. I love nothing more than a new, undiscovered lip balm for a present!

Oh, well..Focus.

1~Smith’s ROSEBUD SALVE: It has been approximately three years, since I have had my eyes, lips and heart set on this balm. The vintage case, the plush red, the glossy sheen and the hoo-haa around it, every one of these factors entices me towards this one product. How amazing would you think it actually is? Peach and I would love to use it….one day. One Rosebud Salve would debit your account with $6, which is relatively affordable unless you blew all your money on food again.

2~EM Cosmetics PILLOW PLUSH LIP BALM: After watching each and every one of Michelle Phan’s beauty tutorials and videos, we finally get Em Cosmetics, one makeup line I would go on a hunger strike for, and that’s saying something. Although it has various products of fascinating quality, the one that stands out is the Pillow Plush lip balm. Apparently, it’s not sticky, doesn’t chap your lips and best, it’s tinted! I know there are a lot of lip balms like so, but this one in particular seems like a cushy surface made entirely of cotton candy for your lips. Oh, how we want it! Each cushy balm costs $14, I repeat EACH.

3~ Charlotte Tilbury’s BEACH STICKS: Moving on with my lip craze, I bring to you Charlotte Tilbury’s gorgeous new Beach Stick. It not only beautifies your lips “further”, but also can be used as a cheek stain. Any multipurpose object wins five stars from us Plebs! But of course that doesn’t change the fact that it costs £30.    \(O.o)/

4~Burt’s Bees TINTED LIP BALM: Do they not look like crayons? Yeah, crayons for your lips! Burt’s Bees lip balms were spotted by my observant beady eyes, and boy did they look gorgeous. I hurriedly went up to the guys around and asked them for the price and it was not in my budget. at. all. In dollars, I can tell you it’s $7, but it is double that in my country.  (boo hoo)

I sure am infatuated with lip balms, and lip tints. Let me tell you it is because they are so appealing to look at, I feel like devouring them, and ultimately it all comes down to eating.

Some alternatives to the above mentioned ‘objects of desire’ would do us all a favor:

Since I have primarily focused on lip balms from different brands, following are some of the lip balms I prefer to use, because it cannot be helped.

Maybelline New York, Baby Lips– the costs vary from $2-$4, which compared to others is quite inexpensive. It does the job well, is delicious and obviously tinted!

The EOS lip balm was made popular through Miley’s music video or if you are youtube crazy like us, via Michelle Phan. This egg-esque lip balm may not be tinted, but it sure is yummy and moisturizes your lips amazingly well. The cost~$2-$3.

Lucas’ PAW PAW Lip Balm…a very attractive little thing I came across while browsing through my Beautylish app. With authentic Queensland papaya being the main ingredient in Lucas’ products, their lip balm is no different. It’s excellent for chapped lips especially during winters. Not that I have ever had the pleasure of using it, mind you….(-.-)…..Moving on, it looks super cute and costs approximately $3.

Peach and Kuma sincerely hope that our beauty wish-haves, have not made any sort of dent on your bank (or pocket) balance. Au Revoir!

Let’s start saving, yeah!!

( ˘ ³˘) 💋

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about LIPS baby!

  1. BURTS BEEEEEES ❤️ ultimate fave (they’re £5 in the UK though I’m sorry they’re so cheap my little poppets I’ll ship some over to you one day) (that’s probably super illegal but it would be worth it for pretty lips) xo

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