Delicious Korea! (맛있는 한국)

by Kuma

The following post involves explicit images. Please read on, at your own risk. We do not want to be reprimanded or chastised for your curiosity, you’ve been warned!


Alright then, let’s talk about food.


We can’t live without it, even if we could we wouldn’t want to. Flavors all over the world are waiting for us to be tasted, and appreciated, but obviously being the ‘Plebs’ or the commoners that we are, we can’t really see that happening anytime soon. So we make do with what we can find within the Domestic realm of our city. For now, our unaltered attention is towards Korean delicacies.

Why not take the five most delicious dishes and dwell into the aesthetics of how they are so beautifully prepared. As the Koreans say “Sshijak” (start! 시작)

1) KIMBAP- 김밥

Ingredients: Dried sea weed bathed in glossy sesame oil, the nostalgia of boiled rice with a variation of your favorite kind of fillings; eggs, meat, fish, pickled veggies and the world is your oyster. Little can be said of how sumptuous this minimal dish can be. The following image might put your questions and doubts to rest. Please, do go on!

Variation: “Try it with leftover ramyun noodle soup and be transported to ‘Unicorn Land’- where all your dreams come true!”


Noodles, soup, noodles, soup. What more can we say! Spicy noodle soup, Shin ramyun is by far the most delicious Korean dish we have had the privilege to experience, maybe the second or third, can’t really say, they all taste so good! Add any and as many vegetables you want, to make it that much more deliriously mouth-watering.

Variation: “Pour the leftover ramyun soup in your tummy, or over boiled rice and eat it with kimchi (Korean salad) and sea weed for an out of body experience!”


Ah! That green tea powder sprinkled over snow-white vanilla or an equally delicious hulk green ice-cream. Not to forget the bed of shaved ice, milk and fruits, Omo! Who knew such an enticing concoction existed. If you’re a fan of red-bean, by all means add on to your bowl and relish in the delicious attack on all your senses. Also, when it is this orgasmic to look at, you don’t have to wait for the end of your meal to eat dessert.

Variation: “We’re sorry, not every dish needs a variation, matcha bingsoo is perfect in itself!”


All we can say is, make sure you have the biggest spoon you can find if you want to be able to eat this dish before anyone else does. The fried rice made spicy with the kimchi, miraculously heightens the feeling on your taste buds like never before. To balance the spice, the sea-weed soup on the side should be pored over the rice for that quintessential interaction.

Variations: “An egg can do wonders to your food, regardless of what you’re eating. Fried, scrambled or boiled, add whichever you like best to accentuate the flavor of your rice!”


Not a dish, but the Korean sides need their own page if not a simple blog post. Replete with every imaginable Korean side dish, Ban Chan, is the highlight of the entire meal. Egg rolls with their unimaginably savory soy sauce, kimchi, bean sprouts, pickled radhish, spinach salad, perilla leaves and a million others make up the extremely popular Korean side dishes. If you had nothing but rice, and these side dishes, your life would be complete. Have a look!

Variations: “Countless variations can be added to or with the Ban Chan. Experiment and come up with your own heavenly recipe, Then eat it!”

Well, we think it is safe to say that we are literally salivating, and our stomachs are protesting. While we go fix ourselves something to hog on, you can continue ogling the food like there is no tomorrow!

Goodbye! 안녕!

( ˘ ³˘) 💋

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