Customise your nail paint!

by Peach

Do you like painting your nails?

We sure do, but us plebs with our budgets can’t buy an entire shade card worth of nail paints, just to suit our ever changing moods. Image

Seriously, M.A.C.! I’m on a budget here!

I have a solution for you fellow plebeians.

Find a sponge.


Pick your nail paints. You can use whatever shades you want for this, the results will be unique every time!

I used a pastel mint and a shiny navy.


Dab your darker colour onto the sponge in a circle. Image

Add your lighter colour on top. Make sure to drop it on to the sponge so that your precious nail polish brush doesn’t get compromised!


Add the darker colour and use the brush to blend the two. Don’t worry the nail paint brush will not be compromised since the colour is dark!


Voila! You have a brand new colour! What should we call it? How about ‘GreyForADay’?Image

Now dab your nails with the sponge, apply as many coats as you want. The world’s your oyster! I used two coats.

Don’t worry about getting nail paint on your finger, go over it with a q-tip dipped in remover.


There you go! We have created a unique colour! And guess what? You can’t find this exact shade in any store! Cause we made it!


And if you’re feeling fancy, add some glitter! You’ve got party-ready nails! Image

Try this out guys! It’s fun, easy and doesn’t cost you anything! Perfect for sleepovers, Kuma agrees with me! ヽ(^。^)ノ

3 thoughts on “Customise your nail paint!

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  2. I always mix nail colors too. I especially enjoy painting my nails a different color for each nail. Now I don’t have to choose which color I wanna paint my nails – I just apply ALL of ’em! Great post!

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